Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just Smiles

Not much to say other than hopefully at least one of these will make you smile!

Note that he's in a dress shirt, tie, and suit pants.

Snake bones

Sam suntans for about an hour everyday.

I spy the tip top of the water tower

Sam smiles a lot

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 27, 1997....

....was the day my second 20 years started.  My birthday is September 20th, which meant Brian and I were married a week after I turned 20.  My parents had me the first 20, Brian's had me the last 20. The best 20.  I'm so grateful our paths somehow crossed.  It was highly unlikely, me being a country girl out in the woods, and he being a city slicker.  Somehow our worlds collided the night of the Olympics bombing in Atlanta.  My sister brought a group of her city friends out to our property to camp. Mom and I were inside watching TV and when the bombing happened, we hollard out into the woods and they all came running in to watch the news....back when bombings weren't as common and it was a pretty big deal.  That was it.......not love at first sight....but definitely instant friends that let love grow.  It's still growing. I don't know how after 20 years I still feel like I love him more every year.

We've been celebrating all year, really.  There have been lots of little "20 years ago today" moments. As we contemplated a year ago how we would celebrate our actual 20th anniversary, we agreed on a few things. Normally, we go all out for our kids. They get a ton of gifts, while Brian and I exchange cards and maybe go out to dinner and maybe exchange a gift or 2, but its mainly about the kids. This year, we nixed that. There were 3 things I really wanted for family gifts. Things that for some reason say "family" to me, and would make our cozy home feel even more cozy and homey- a piano, a record player, and a nice, solid dining room table. I'm not sure why I felt so strongly about those 3 things, but I just really felt calm and cozy and nesty when I would think about having those 3 things in the house.  So over the past year, Brian and I made it happen. Each of those items came about with it's own fun story, which I will spare you in this post, but they have each already made for some great memories!

So now that the actual date has arrived, after a year of celebrating it, what will we be doing to make it a special day?? Brian and I will be putting on our pjs early and getting comfy while the kids make us a fancy coconut and lime shrimp dinner with lemon bars for dessert, followed by snuggling in again to watch the Survivor premier with the kids : ) Sounds like a perfect cozy evening!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our 20th Anniversary Party!

What a hoot this was! None of our family does great in large social situations, so we wanted to keep it small. Our friends Jill and David, Laura and Dan, Ashley, Claudette and Frank, all worked together to make this a special night.  It was perfect. Casual but nice, and for sure our style.  They worked hard, and we greatly appreciate all they did! It was perfect!
 I mean, can we just talk about this cake for a cool is this hay bale?? Jill's friend from work made this (Jill is an esthetician, not a baker, fyi). It was amazing and tasted delicious!
 The kids often spend time with "Auntie Jill" and during one of those times, Jill and her sister Laura snuck them away for some pictures and had these canvas prints made.
 Jill also did this for our 10 year anniversary : )
 The decor was spot on. No Latham party is complete without an Outhouse!

 This is Jill's dad, Frank, who's shirt I love!!

 Dinner was from a BBQ place in Lafayette, and it was great!
 Two of my favorites, Bob and Dave, who both have bum feet.
 Jill and I. Side notes - Jill was with me in the hospital room when I had Emma. She held my puke bucket during labor. Emma would later be in her wedding. She is a great Auntie!
 Pappy Dave having a nice night! : )
 Amanda and Mike and a few solo cups, lol. Mike is often asked if he's Brian's brother. I had more than one person ask me how they were related....they aren't related, but should be.
 Because nothing is ever smooth all the way through, the food joint had lost the catering order, so no food showed up. After a scramble, and a food run, dinner was served and was great!

 The face behind our often referred to Dog Sitter, Simone, and Ashley. Above then you notice the little polaroids.  There was a photo booth upstairs with props.
 The upstairs would later turn into a dance floor where we would dance once again to our first dance song. It was Debbie Gibson's "Lost In Your Eyes". Brian's choice. Our second dance song was Tim and Faith's "It's Your Love", which was totally my pick and still "our song" 20 years later, and that got played, too. Thanks, Jay!

 These were great bcus we are kinda known for having people over for dinner and roasting hotdogs and smores.
 We cut the cake....

 We kissed normal, but the crowd wanted more so....

 This was pretty cool! Jill's sister, Laura, drew this tree. Each guest put their thumb print and signed their name. Brian and I are in the swing. So cute!
 Ok, so the invites said no gifts, because after 20 years, we really don't need anything. But a few were discretely passed our way, and are awesome!

 Brian and I with Jill and David.

 I had a few left over boards from our headboard, and was able to make simple box frames to slide the canvas prints into to give them a rustic finish.
 Love it all!
Thanks again to all the friends who worked hard to make our 20th special! We really appreciate it and love you all! It's humbling to think none of our current friends even knew us back when we got married, yet they all feel like our family! We really do love you guys. Thanks again!