Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How Has Over A Month Gone By??

 I might sound like a broken record, or like every mom ever....but holy cow, y'all.  Life is flying right now!
For those who don't know, we currently have one in regular high school, one Junior who's doing Independent Studies, and one 6th grader who is home schooled.  All 3 are super busy.  Emma now has her license and is starting college classes this month. She has enough high school credits to graduate this year, but if we keep her enrolled in the school district, she can take unlimited college classes at $1 per for our budget, it's worth keeping her enrolled through her senior year just for the college classes.
 This guy was able to take 1.5 weeks off during the kids winter break to hang out with us and "relax", although we kept him pretty busy.
 We took the kids ice skating in Walnut Creek. This seems to have become a winter break tradition.

 We've been attacking some pretty fun/deep family projects. Myles is in the Hebrew/Judaism unit in Ancient History. So we've been taking a deeper look at that time in history. This project was mapping out where Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites came from. We started with Abraham, and worked our way down through the 12 tribes, the split into 2 kingdoms of 10 and 2 tribes....and so on....

 Emma popped pop corn, took the pan off the burner, burner caught on fire, so she sat the pot on her arm to put out the fire with the other hand....
Lots of snuggling with critters while watching 2 seasons of Anne, With An E

 We saw Mary Poppins Returns in our pjs with Auntie Jill

 Managed to get in a date night with friends...
 Figured out why the dishwasher stopped working.  The battle with rats continues.....
 This was another awesome project Myles and I did for school. History from Abraham thru the Exodus. He wrote a summary of each person/event on the back of the cards, which slide out the side of the box.

 Membership means lots of trips to Six Flags

 I've squeezed in a minute or two on the mountain
 Myles did an Ancient China project-
 Another fun family project; a time line of biblical events from Adam to current history. This took 3 weeks of Thursday nights, but was worth the effort. Myles and I can now take whatever chapter we are covering in ancient history and compare it against this time line to see what bible events were happening at the time in history we are learning about.

 Emma is loving independent studies. She now has scrubs!  She's getting a lot more hands on experience thru the independent studies medical program than she was in regular high school, which really surprised me.
 We've had a few cozy evenings at home, but not as many as I'd like.
 This kid continues to be the most handsome dog ever.
 We wrapped up our Ancient Egypt studies with a field trip to the Egyptian museum in San Jose.
 What a normal school day looks like in our house.
 She passed her drive test on her first try! Unheard of around here. Most of the kids her age that we know have taken it twice, some 3 times.  We didn't tell anyone she was taking her drive test because we assumed she'd have to do it at least 2 times to pass....but she surprised us and passed on her first try! On a very story day, in my truck.
 We make earthquakes and studied P and S waves.
 We got dressed up and went to our assembly.

 Hit Six Flags again....
 It was actually really good soup,on a chilly evening in Six Flags, and he was just can't tell.
 During winter, you can roast smores around a fire at Six Flags, which was fun.

....and all of these memories are why time is flying by!! I can't believe how fast everything is going right now. I can't believe I have a kid driving, who runs to the store for me...who's starting college classes this month, who has her own bank card and AAA membership. I can't believe we are half way through another school year! I can't believe how fun home schooling is, or that I put it off for so long, or that I finally have a happy, relaxed boy.  Anyhow, it is quite likely  another month will fly by before I post, although I will attempt to do better.  Hope everyone who stops by this little space is well, and happy!

Friday, November 23, 2018