Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

My handsome, blue eyed, 10 yr old baby boy and I wish you a happy Tuesday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Country Road, Take Me Home

Working on my pano's.  Still a big work in progress, far from good, but a beautiful setting none the less! This was as close as I got to lining up the 3 frames, and you can tell I had the middle shot too low.  I'll get it right, just means I get to be out there practicing : )  I'd love to get it good enough to have some framed prints. Someday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Buck Up, It's Tuesday!

That was going to be "Buck Up, It's Monday", but really this is a Tuesday that is our Monday, so it works. Anyhow, I mentioned in the bobcat post that I had used up my battery taking pictures of a buck and his friends.  Thought I'd share a few of those on this fine Monday/Tuesday!


As you can imagine, between these guys, and the bobcat that came afterwards, it was a great morning to have been out on the mountain.  I felt so filled up with happiness after this hike!

We had a 3 day weekend here (except for Brian).  It was the weekend the yard gets winterized.  As much as it needs to, which isn't much living in CA.  The pool went away, we did our second round of raking the leaves up (this will happen about 10 more times), all our wooden tables and chairs move inside to the garage, and any toys that shouldn't get wet move inside.
I finally made the side of the house presentable.  This is usually where the garbage bins are, lawn mower and bbq, and inevitably anything that needs to go to the dump gets thrown over here.  Now it looks great, and since the kids usually hang out in the back part of the yard, it has already turned into a space I can get some quiet time!

 Above, my cleaned out side of the house, and below, the back yard w/pool gone. You can see how many leaves need to fall still. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

After Years of Almost

Finally!! You guys....I've been trying to get a good bobcat shot for so long!  By good, I really just mean not a picture of a blurry dark figure on the trail.  You mostly have had to take my word for it that what I'm seeing is actually a bobcat.  Well, this morning I was trying to figure out why this ground squirrel was sounding the alarm.  If you've heard them chirp, it's super loud, and he was chirping his little heart out.  I saw a dark figure move out from behind a tree, maybe 15 ft from where I stood.
I was in total shock. I had been taking pictures of this squirrel for at least a minute. Then there's this beautiful face looking at me.  He quickly headed down the hill, and I did not hesitate to chase after it, frantically clicking away.  I was so hoping I would get one good picture.
I knew my camera was about to die. I had spent quite a while getting pics of a buck and his friends earlier in this hike and spent my battery. I just kept taking pictures as I followed him, not really knowing what I was getting.

And then.....it just stopped and looked at me.  I got one shot.....and my camera died.  I was totally bummed! I fumbled around and got my phone out and took a ton of pictures of a blurry blob.
 This one above is funny because it went down into the creek bed to get away from me.....but I followed it and tried to find it.  After I climbed out of the bushes back up onto the trail, it was totally chillin, just sitting there in the middle of the trail.  You are looking at him sitting there looking back over it's right shoulder at me.

Shortly after this, we parted ways. I could not see what pictures I got on my camera because it was dead.  
I got home and went straight to the comp to upload.....bingo!

I know I've told you before how they stop and look at you and wag their little tail.  Well, I swear this one smiled, too!  They have the most beautiful face.  They look so wise, like they know way more than you.  
I'm so grateful to this bobcat for finally allowing the crazy lady who was stalking it to get a decent picture!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Past 2 Weeks- View From My Phone

 We are attempting to get back to normal life today.  Everyone's at school or work, which hasn't happened in a bit.  The kids are over pneumonia, Sophie had her wisdom teeth out on Friday, we celebrated 19 years of marriage, Brian is finally started on some meds for his chest gunk/cough thing, and we are still loving Friday night football......that's a summary of the following, poor quality pictures. Happy Monday!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Plague??

It has hit our house.  Here's you update for the past 2 weeks - grossness abounds.

Two kids were sick last week, home all week. Myles and Sophie had pneumonia. They are back to school, but not 100% at all.

This week, Brian and I are sick.  He was sent home from work Tuesday and told to work from home the next few days. 

We are sneezing, coughing, congested, headache, body ache, no appetite, sore throat messes.

That's it. That's you update.
I forgot to add - Sophie is having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning, fyi.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stage Rd to Dusty

Since I have 2 kids home sick today, I thought I'd throw up a post.  The end of last week I headed out of Castle Rock.  This has become somewhat of a treat for me anymore. Traffic is so bad in the morning that it takes me nearly 45 minutes to even get to Castle Rock Park. Living so close to Mitchell Canyon, it's much quicker for me to just go there.  Sometimes I convince myself it's worth sitting in traffic for.  Last week that really proved to be true.  The traffic delay meant I was heading out on the trail at just the perfect time.  The sun was perfectly back lighting all the beautiful trees.  It was a beautiful hike! Warning - if pictures of beautiful trees bore you, this will be a very boring post for you, although there are some berries and thistles, too.