Thursday, November 9, 2017


 I used to dread this time of year! The dark, cold, damp days really got to me. However, the past 2 years I have embraced the season and cozied on into it.  In full disclosure, the anxiety med I started on 2 years ago also helps with seasonal depression, so that has been a huge factor. I'll take it either way. I love a cozy home, which is different for everybody.  For us, we have extra baskets of blankets everywhere, candles, music playing, food cooking, laundry going (all day, everyday)....other than our heater not working, it's been great! Even with no heat, we just all dress a little more cozy and wrap up in more blankets. It's not like it gets cold here, but we do wake up to a house that's in the low 50's, so getting out of bed is a little hard.
 This kid is such a handsome boy! He's a handful, but so smart and such a big cuddler. We've taken to calling him Moose, but his name is actually Duke. He'll answer to both, though. He's starting to talk more, and sounds more and more like Brian's husky he had years ago.

 This happened at KMart a few weeks back, but I'm still smiling.
 I tend to nest, decorate, and make things in the Fall, and finally decided to do something with our wedding flowers that have hung over our bed in all 7 bedrooms we've had since being married. They always look lonely, and just thrown up on the wall.

 I cut the arrangement in half so it was long and skinny when put from end to end, and added whatever I had extra of in the garage. Then I stuck in some peacock feathers to add some turquoise.
 One of the reasons I love Hobby Lobby so much is not for the new stuff, but the old reproductions. It's about the only craft store around that carries stuff like this. It's a measuring thing.
 This pulley and buckets was too good to pass up. I couldn't resist throwing in a few cotton blossoms as a nod to all the family stories of my dad, grands and great grands picking cotton in the south.
 And when you can get a big, metal "Welcome to the Farm" sign for $10, you can't not.
 This happened while shopping with Myles at Cost Plus.  My nail matched this lampshade perfectly.
 Duke, between Brian and I at night on the sofa. He's such a big baby.
 I got a package in the mail from my mom.  These silver measuring cups belonged to a friend from my childhood. She's still a friend today, I just don't ever seen her. Anyway, super cute with chickens on them, make me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.
 Just a bright shot of the family room which I think looks warm and cozy, but was probably super cold.
 So...growing up we had a urinal in our living room. Full size, standing up like it would be in a bathroom. Mom used it as a planter.  Keeping with the tradition of bathroom objects used in home decor....I bought an antler toilet paper holder, but it didn't work in our bathroom for various reasons. So, I took out the cross bar and hung it in the living room. : )
  We got Sophie's application in to attend Clayton Valley Charter High School. Just like with Emma, we now wait till January and hope she gets in. They've added a new academy that starts next year, Digital Arts, so coding, gaming, animation....that sort of stuff. She has her eye on it.
 I was wanting to warm my feet up in this sun spot, but Duke was letting me know it was taken.
 This kid got reading glasses.
 Can you see that CD? It's Blake's Texoma Shore. It's been playing for a few days, over and over. On purpose, it's not stuck or anything. Love it.
 Grabbed a stick from the back yard and glued some random stuff I had laying around to it. Not bad.
 Friday night lights! Ugly Eagles won their division for the 6th year in a row. Playoffs start Nov. 17th. Unfortunately our first match up is against De La, yeah. Playoffs will probably be short this year.
That about catches you up.  Myles, Brian, and a few of Myles friends and dads are coming over tomorrow for a camp out in the back yard. Should be fun, and cold, but fun! Hope you all are doing well!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


October started off with some rough world events that frankly made a lot of us just snuggle in with our families a little more than normal. Blogging took a back seat....or wasn't even in the car.  Just when we had some space from hurricanes and Vegas, the Napa fires hit. For those who don't know, Brian works for AAA.  He use to be on the emergency road service side of things, but for the past few years has worked on the insurance side. AAA is the main insurer for that area (he gave me the statistic, but I can't remember).  While he mainly deals with customer service surveys, it has been a "all hands on deck" situation. He spent time on the phone calling insured customers in the Napa area to see if they are ok. He comes home regularly with horrible stories of claims that are coming in. AAA insures not just cars, but homes, and lives. Each claim has a detailed account of what happened, how events played out for that individual.  One thing that has been made clear over and over is that people just had no time. All the homes you see with the cars still in the driveway, everything burned, there was just no time to react. So, he's really just begun dealing with the aftermath of the fires daily at work. It'll be a daily part of his life for a while.   As a family we finally sat down and made our 'Go Bags".  Still need a few things, but at least we each have a partially stocked bag and could grab something and run.  Other than that, we took our final Disney trip with our annual passes.  We had them for 2 years, but decided to give them up this year. And the dogs. 3 dogs is a lot of dogs. Kind of like kids, going from 1 to 2 was easy, but going from 2 to 3 is chaos.  So much love, though, it's worth the mess. Most the time. The newest thing is they pull everything out from under my bed. Sigh.

 Above, Myles had Brazen Racing at his school running his Walk-o-Thon. Pretty cool!
 Brian and I have given up on the Tea Cups. The kids are on their own!

 The train is back up and running and has been updated. Also, there are just totally new areas now, with the building of Star Wars Land, the back half of the park has changed a lot. There's new areas, and bridges, and the back part of the river is totally new.
 Above, it's hard to tell what's happening, but this is a pic of a secret hall way that goes behind the shops on the right side of Main Street. So during parades when it's super crowded on Main Street, they sometimes open up the back hallway.  This was only our second time ever seeing it open.
 Disney is pretty much his life, and he was having a hard time with this being our last trip for a while.

 Above, line boredom.

 BTW, this was the day before the Anaheim fire started. The day after this some amazing pictures came out of Disneyland with the sky looking dark orange.
 Above, a new area on the river.

 Above, that's all new back there. You can see a bridge, which the train now goes over.

 And above, later this day the Napa fire started.  We didn't hear about it till the next morning.
 Below, this is what we came home to, and the air stayed like this for days. The kids had school cancelled for 2 days, except for Emma, who's school isn't part of the district.

 Above, trying to take a pic while driving of the neighborhood down below and how smokey it was.

 Kona regularly tries to stay hidden in the pillows.  He's still not a fan of younger pups.
 Above, sweet Sam. He feels like clouds, or cotton, or marshmallow puff. He's so soft, and so sweet, and fancy with his freckles and red eyelashes.
Below, this is what I see when I'm cooking at the stove and turn around. Every time. Duke. The silent beggar who stares you down. dried into rubber and hurt so bad to pull off. Wont be doing that again.
 In the evening I wind down in one of those swing/hammock chairs.  Sam jumped up to chill out with me. Keep in mind he's almost 40 pounds, so when he jumps up and you don't expect it, it's quite the impact.
That's about it. Coming up we have Sophie registering/applying for high school, Myles registering for middle school, a boys, dads, grandpas, uncles camp out in our back yard, a "He shed" for Myles being built in the yard, a visit from Auntie Mo....and the usual daily fun!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just Smiles

Not much to say other than hopefully at least one of these will make you smile!

Note that he's in a dress shirt, tie, and suit pants.

Snake bones

Sam suntans for about an hour everyday.

I spy the tip top of the water tower

Sam smiles a lot