Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Lesson from Jillian -

What did Jillian's Body Revolution workout #9 teach me?  That I can't do this -

It's the first time ever I could not do one of her moves.  I have too much gut right now to be able to roll forward and get my feet under me w/o falling back onto my butt. I still worked through it w/terrible form and kept moving, and I suspect that w/ a bit more practice I'll figure out how to get enough momentum to get back up (maybe hold a 8lb'er in my hand to counter balance and add momentum).  It was a good reality check, though.  There is much work to be done!!
Update :
I did workout #9 again today, Friday, and did these holding 5lb'ers in each hand and that was enough of a counter weight that as long as I rocked back forward hard enough to get my feet  under me, holding the weights out in front of me helped me stay forward and then I was able to pop up.......this is a rare case of adding weight to make something easier!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Week

I already posted pics from our run on Monday, so we'll start off with Tuesday. $1 summer movies have started up and we saw Rio.

Wednesday we had a beautiful run at the Lafayette Reservoir.

There was no wind, which is unusual, the res was like glass.

Wednesday we also went to a friends house to play in their pool.

Thursday we had service plans and afterwards we went to Guanatos in Pleasant Hill.

He had Lucuma flavored good!

Friday we met up with the Beast and took the 6 kiddos for a hike at Shell Ridge in Walnut Creek.  Los Lomas High School cross country team was there getting a workout in.  They didn't all take the same trail but spread out through the open space, so it was not bothersome.

It is frog season in the ponds.....they are everywhere, the ground seems to be moving there are so many.

Saturday after service we ran at the Reservoir again, but I didnt' have my camera, so skip to later in the day.... Myles was playing in the backyard and got his first bee sting.

Saturday evening we had friends over and had a nice time roasting dinner and smores and playing cards.

Since I had the camera out, I thought I'd share with you my favorite flower we have blooming right now, my one and only Hollyhock! I sprinkled wild flowers over here when we first moved in, but got nothing, so we planted a few things and then of course, this random Hollyhock decided to grow from the seeds.

Sunday morning we ran.  Not the best, not the fastest, not the funnest. But a run non the less.

The view from the park where the kids played and I waited as Brian finished the 8 miles and came picked us up at the 5 mile mark.

Sunday evening, I had been laying on the floor while Brian rolled out  my legs with a rolling pin and when I got up and glanced out the back window, I saw a random tannish animal coming down the hill.  We've had a bobcat roaming our neighborhood, so Brian and Sophie hopped in the car to get a better look.....turned out to be a big buck. Very hard to see it here, but it's the tan thing that sort of looks off just to the right of center in this very blurry picture.

So that was last week.  Today started off with a wicked Jillian workout, #9 of Body Revolution. Brutal. Hopefully non of you are keeping track of how terribly long it has taken to get through the 12 weeks, lets just say it's taken way longer than it should.  I'm going to stick with it through the rest of the workouts, and then start it over w/o missing any weeks. The rest of the day was digging the grass out of all the cracks in the patio. Not exciting at all, but worth the work and blisters.  It looks so much better!  Lets see if Brian notices when he gets home : )

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Link Lovin on the Hubby

Since the husband has all of a sudden gotten regular....with posting anyway.....I thought I'd throw some blog lovin his way, and hopefully a few of you readers, also.
His running/fitness related blog is titled '262 to 26.2'.  For honesty's sake I should point out that we both topped out way over 262, but '278 to 26.2' does not have the same ring to it.
His family/fitness/our adventures blog is Keep Moving Forward. He's getting good about posting here too, so if you want to see a picture of me running w/my girls at the reservoir, go check out his blog!
He just put up new posts on both blogs, so if you go now, you'll get a nice fresh one! He gets super excited to see new readers pop up on his Stat Counter, so please make him one happy guy and link over. Oh, and he feels extra special if you comment, so please do!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Official Day O Summer!!

My favorite season begins today!!
That is all.
Carry on.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Week/Today

 School is out!
Last week Sophie had a party on Wednesday, and Em had a party on Thursday....

These were super cute, not made by me!

Myles in the green shirt playing musical chairs w/Sophie's class

I cooked 40 hot dogs at 9 in the morning for Em's class, so gross!

Getting her last 4th grade report card!

We started Summer break off right, getting up Friday and going for a run first thing in the morning.

Saturday after service we went to Borges Ranch for Ranch Day.

For some reason, larger chested people had to take this trail.

Em was annoyed she got such a small horse and wondered why there were stirrups.

Looking at bees and getting honey sticks

Learning about how wasps and trees work together

Learning that for $55 a yr they can join 4H and get a goat or sheep to keep at the ranch.

It was super super hot!!

Sat night was date night, after Caramel chicken and Mai Tai's, we saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and loved it!

Sunday before meeting, I got new shoes!! Finally!! I have been running 100% in trail shoes and needed new road shoes. These are Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's, Osaka Marathon 2011 Edition. (they say I love Osaka on the back and have the marathon's logo inside)....I just liked the fit and color.

Which meant after meeting we headed to the reservoir for the first time in a long time.  It was the best run ever! So calm and peaceful!

I ran w/Sophie, we plugged in our music and ran.

Em and Brian ran together, the girls and I headed out for lap 2, but they quickly changed their minds.

This is this morning at the res.  I took the kids and pushed Myles in the jogger, which I have been trying to avoid...but it was another great run.  It's such a calming place for me, I forgot how much I love running here.

He was there last night and again today, must have a nest near by.

 Thats about it.  I have a new list of upcoming races on the left side.  Anyone out there that has done a duathlon??  It's pretty short and shouldn't require too much training, just need to get used to a real bike before September, and should probably learn how to shift one finally, and maybe how to change a tube and put a chain back has been super great to be getting into a routine and making running a priority again.  It's been 2 months now of running super low weeks, like in the 15 mile range, which is unheard of for me and totally not acceptable any more.  It is a bit tricky w/the 3 kids home now, but we are getting it done!  I'm fortunate that the girls love running, too, and are willing to get up and get out with me!!  For now, B and I have been running pretty separately.  He runs during the week on his lunch breaks on Embarcadero in San Fran (brat).  Sunday will be our 1 day a week we run together.  He's been hitting 100 miles a week combined running/biking!! Not shabby at all!

Hope you all had great weeks and weekends, I know some of you had great 13.1's this weekend, can't wait to read about them!