Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Lesson from Jillian -

What did Jillian's Body Revolution workout #9 teach me?  That I can't do this -

It's the first time ever I could not do one of her moves.  I have too much gut right now to be able to roll forward and get my feet under me w/o falling back onto my butt. I still worked through it w/terrible form and kept moving, and I suspect that w/ a bit more practice I'll figure out how to get enough momentum to get back up (maybe hold a 8lb'er in my hand to counter balance and add momentum).  It was a good reality check, though.  There is much work to be done!!
Update :
I did workout #9 again today, Friday, and did these holding 5lb'ers in each hand and that was enough of a counter weight that as long as I rocked back forward hard enough to get my feet  under me, holding the weights out in front of me helped me stay forward and then I was able to pop up.......this is a rare case of adding weight to make something easier!

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