Sunday, May 29, 2011

City Solve Urban Race Discount Code

If anyone out there is interested in registering for this race, use THIRSTYBEAR in the discount code box during registration for 50% of each team members registration!! You must register on-line by 5 pm 6/3.

Thirsty Bear happens to be the restaurant we start and finish at and I came across the discount info on their site.

Happy Running!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Schwaggle Baby!

Hey guys,
So I mentioned Schwaggle in the last post and have gotten a few questions about it. I think Brian signed me up, not sure, but anyway, I get an email w/local deals for activities. Things you would normally use to register for, those sorts of activities. Usually at least 50% off normal registration, sometimes more than that. The deals do sell out, so if you get one that you think you may want to do, it's best to go ahead and jump on it.
What's the down side? I haven't found one yet......
Here's the link to the site to have a look and sign up should you feel so inclined.
Have fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Around the Corner

So we have a few fun races coming up next weekend. We don't usually double up back to back days w/running events, but these are just both too fun to pass up.

On Saturday Brian and I will be doing City Solve Urban Race in San Fran. We got a great deal on registration through Schwaggle on this race, so it became a must do. This is another Amazing Race type of event where you solve clues to figure out where to go and complete a challenge when you arrive. We have two other teams of friends who will also be running it, so it should be a fun day.

On Sunday I will again be running the See Jane Half Marathon in Alameda. There are quite a few sisters running this event, which always makes it special. We are spread out between events, some are doing the half, some the 5k, and I know there will be at least 3 kids running the kids race as ours are signed up!

As for this weekend, it's a 5 day weekend around our house. The kids are having furlough days on top of it being a holiday. We also have our Circuit assembly Sat and Sunday, so today is all about getting set for that. We will be getting a 13 miler in on Monday, and most likely Tuesday will be a zoo day! Brian was so great and got our zoo membership for the year. We have gone a while w/o one, and Myles has been asking almost daily to go, so now we have the option of doing that!

The kids school year is almost over, so the end of year events have begun. We went to the talent show this week. Emma had her first concert on the song flute yesterday. She did great. I was amazed at the classical music and elaborate songs they row row row your boat or london bridges for them! Sophie has her big play next week. They have been working on this thing for the past month, so she is really looking forward to it. Then we will the end of year parties after that. Hard to believe how fast this year went by, and all the changes our family went through this school year. Next year is already setting up to be just as filled with "changes".

We are definitely ready for a summer break! Now, if our weather would only switch over to summer.......

Monday, May 23, 2011


Yep, real life is a bummer!!
I have never had as hard a time adjusting back to real life as I have since being back from Maui!! I truly had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I have not been really "away" from real life, responsibilities, being a mom or wife for....well, 14 years as of September 27th. So to just go and be away, no cooking, cleaning, time schedule, to-do be able to just go do whatever, whenever was wonderful. I was worried a bit before the trip about being 'alone' while traveling to and from Maui, and during a few activities during the trip. But rather than being stressed, I found it completely enjoyable. (yes, this is the same person who blogged about being scared to go out to dinner in WC a year ago). I love my hubby and kids, but a break was long overdue.
But, alas, I am back, and at some point, real life has to kick back in.
So, forward we go.
While in Maui I got 3 runs in, somewhere between 5 and 6 miles each. I was out the door at 5:30 and saw 3 amazing sun rises! I ran for 30 minutes out, then back. Coming back was always a bit faster and took somewhere around 25 minutes. I loved seeing all the scuttle going on of getting surfboards, kayaks and boats to the beaches early in the morning for the classes and tours that started at 7. South Kihei was alive with activity every morning. Kihei Caffe opened up at 5 and I would run by the crowded sidewalk tables eyeing all the amazing food. On the other side of the street I watched countless paddle boarders catching the calm early morning waves. On one morning run I was sucked into a Starbucks. I got my Coconut Mocha and sat out on the patio across from the beach and watched all the activities. I texted Nancy and let her know I was running a little long and would be back a bit later than usual. Running on Maui was such a treat! Exactly what I had hoped it would be. I was so grateful that I was able to get up and see the island this way. It was also a hot, humid, sweaty mess, even at 5:30 in the morning!
I got home late Wednesday/early Thursday morning. I did nothing on Thursday, even kept the kids home from school. Friday I unpacked and began to think about the fact that I was home, needed to clean house, do laundry, and start to function as a mom/wife again. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out issues I was having w/getting my pictures onto the comp. Saturday we all slept in, like until 10 am. Eventually we headed out on a 13 mile run. It was not the greatest run ever, but it was also a larger jump in adding miles than what we should have done. Nothing hurt, more than it should anyway, and my muscles felt good the next day. Sunday we did a hike with the kids and Kona.
So today is really the first day I hope to be on a normal schedule. Workout, run, clean, laundry, cook, clean, weed, (as in pulling), water, clean.....back to the grind.
I am not letting go of Maui yet, though. I have been spraying myself with Pineapple body spray like crazy, and enjoying countless cups of coffee!And making Bubba wear this outfit daily!
I did manage to get 2/3rd of the pictures up here, from the 12th to the 17th.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How's it, Bra'h?

Maui was.....amazing!! So many "once in a lifetimes", so many adventures.....
I snorkled with with the Whale Foundation. I ziplined with Flyin Hawaiian - this was a blast and those boys made it so fun! Quite the characters and just fun! It took all my will power to decline their offers of a ride back to my condo. Gundy, the blondy, was not trustworthy : ) ( I took a taxi). We hiked and 4 wheeled between ziplines. I did the road to Hana. I sat at the top of a waterfall and leaned out over the edge. I ran. I luau'd. I ate strange fruit alongside the road. I had some wonderful drinks. I swam with turtles.
I had a blast!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maui Bound!

This is it till next Thursday for posts!
Bags are packed, ready to go, looking forward to a week of adventure and "once in a life times".

Quick training update -
Things have been going very good! We are still ahead of our schedule as far as length of runs and miles per week, but using restraint and not increasing our long runs too quickly.

No pains, tweaks, injuries so far. I have been feeling very strong in runs the past 2 weeks. Even when I have an "off" run and it doesn't' feel like a strong run, our times have been decreasing on our 5 and 8 milers. I seem to have re-found my mental focus that I had lost for a while during runs and have been able to keep my head in the game. Runs of late have consisted of the 'check lists'...."how do your quads feel? Calves? Feet? Hammies? Keep your head up, shoulders down. Drop your arms to 90 degree angles, don't swing across your body, swing front to back. Push. Are you still pushing? Push harder." Then I count. I know. I didn't realize I was doing it in the beginning, but I do. Usually from 80 to 110, then back to 80 again, up to 110. I've since read and researched and it's a common thing to do when running, so I don't feel like such a freak. Last week I made a conscience effort to count from 1 - 30, then repeat. It felt like I pushed harder the first 15 steps, started to fade by 30, but when I started back over at 1 I would pick it up and push harder again. Usually count for 3 cycles, then back to the check list to re-check form and make any changes that need made.

So that's how training has been going, good. I'm feeling really good about San Fran. I know it 's nice to just go run and leave all thinking, stress, concentration behind. It is also nice to be mentally in the game and focused and know that my head is in the game. As enjoyable as it is to go out and "just run", it is equally enjoyable for me to be very focused and structured and mentally in constant check with my body and what's going on during a run. I have definitely switched the flip and am fully in "training mode"!

Alright, Brian just rolled up on his bike.....time for a few last minute errands before my flight out in the morning!!
Have a great week, send Brian 'happy thoughts'....he's the best!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Do You Measure a Week?

Not in "cups of coffee". (Rent reference) That would be too many to count. How about this...

Runs till Maui - 5!!!
Long Runs - 1!!!
Workouts till Maui - 4!!!
Tanning cramming days till Maui - 7!!!

I am super excited and I don't know if it has actually sunk in that I am going yet! I plan on getting 4 early morning runs in while there, but it's vacation, and I am flexible. I am looking forward to running while there, though!! It's such a great way to take in a new area, getting up early and getting outside before all the hustle and bustle. Just being able to take in the smells, sounds, feel of the air.....I can't wait!!!

I can't thank Nancy enough for including me in this once in a lifetime trip! I can't wait to see these 3 ladies that I haven't seen least 13 years! We have a lot of catching up to do!
And of course, there is just no way to thank Brian for being such an amazing husband! He didn't give me being gone for a week a second thought and insisted I go, and go w/no guilt! He is an amazing guy to take the week off and be on both dad and mom duty. I think his biggest worry has been, not me being gone and doing some pretty adventurous things, but how to do the girls hair!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday Night Smack Down

Yep, I got a smack down Monday night courtesy of the Lafayette Reservoir.
I know this run like the back of my hand. I have run hundreds of miles there, countless loops. I know how to run it, when to push, when to back off.....when to let someone pull me, and never to let someone push me.

It has been a while though since I have run it totally on my own. No kids running with me, or pushing the jogger stroller. Brian's legs were in recovery mode from a weekend of tough runs, so he took the kids and told me to "go". I had planned on 2 laps. I know the hardest part is getting through the first lap. It is a rough run, no matter your fitness level. If you push yourself, it is tough. But, the second lap is always easier. You are warmed up, on a roll, and it's just easier.

I was just getting started and as always, I take quick inventory of any runners w/in sight. Who's behind me, who's in front, are they catchable?? Should I use that one to pull me along, or are they going at a much faster pace? About then I came around a corner and saw Orange Shirt Man. From where I was, he looked like he was plodding along, somewhere between a shuffle and a jog/run. No problem. Passed him on the down hill w/little effort. I am much better at downhill running than uphill running. I know that may sound like an obvious statement, but both downhill and uphill are their own art form and downhill is my art, uphill....not a fan. So I flew by him on the downhill, but the thing about the res is every downhill is followed by an up. It didn't take long before I heard steps coming up behind me. Nope, I wasn't going to let the Orange Shirted Shuffler pass me. His steps pushed me up the hill at an uncomfortably fast pace. I was not using my normal hill pace or stride, which is slow, and on my toes. This allows me to use more calf muscle, and I have it to use, so this is more comfortable for me. I was still heel striking and using my full foot which was making me use more of my quads than calves and I was feeling the burn. On recent runs, I have been trying to be conscience of pushing off with my quads, hammies and glutes when running uphill, but today all I was thinking was "don't let him catch you." My mom once said while watching me run on a treadmill, " You have these huge calf muscles and skinny little quads." Yes, I am the opposite of "Chicken Legs".
Right when he would be w/in a step of me, we would crest the hill and I would take off on the downhill. Repeat this sequence about 5 times. Still not at the 1 mile mark and I am about to drop. Not even one mile into my 5+ run. What to do? I think we both knew we were playing a game of staying with each other and that I was determined not to let him pass. So however this game ended, I was determined it would be on my terms, but I knew for sure...I could not go the distance in this pattern. I was also painfully aware that I would be running with my running beast of a friend, Angela, in the morning. She gives me a smack down every week and I didn't want to go into that run with brick legs.
Like I said, I know this res. I know there is a 1.5 marker sprayed on the trail, and we had to be getting close. If I push hard till I see it, I can end the game. So I did. I ran over the top of the white 1.5, turned around, smiled and waved at the Orange Shirted Shuffler. He returned the gesture. A gesture which in "the land of running", and in this situation, meant a mutual "thanks". He pushed me, I pulled him. While he continued on, never to be seen again, I doubled back to Brian and the kids, maybe .5 miles. They were a bit confused and wondering why mom was back. Too tired to explain, and not wanting to fess up to the stupidity with which I ran that 1.5 miles, I convince Emma that I just can't finish a lap w/o her to help me. I need her to keep me at a slower, yet respectable pace. Please, please, please run with me Emma??? I tell her I have forgotten how to run it by myself and I need her to keep a steady pace for me. Sadly, it was the truth. So she did, and it was great. We left Brian and the tator tots behind again and made our way around. We reached the park and Em grabbed a bench while I ran sprint repeats back and forth until the rest of the family made their way around. I have no idea how much mileage I actually got in, but I know what I did get in counted! It was painful, challenging, and humbling!
I have a lot of work to do before I will be back to knocking off 3 laps like it's nothing, that is for sure. I have to remind myself sometimes to focus and pace and run my own run. There is a time and place for using others around me to push/pull, and there's a time and place for staying focused on the end goal and getting to it on my own, unaffected by what anyone around me is doing. I may have gotten a smack down, but not w/o learning from it!
Oh, and Tuesdays run w/Angela?? Let's just say I thank her for these weekly beatings as they are making me a faster runner, but they are beatings for me non the less! My "skinny little quads" are feeling it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Comp has Fallen and Can't Get Up

Arg, my comp is down, having to use the hubs.
Bad timing w/my trip next week, wanting to do some last minute things on line, hating to have to use someone elses comp...feels so foreign.
I also have no email addresses from my comp on this one, so mom, Nancy, Angela...anyone else I regularly email that may read this...please email me so I can save your address on the hubs comp.
Also bad someone who hates to fly.....I was really hoping the world would stay quite until after I flew. I mean come on, Bin Laden goes down the week before I am going to be flying alone over the ocean for 5 hours??? I am hoping since it's Hawaii bound there may be some fruity blue drinks served on the plane.
In other is going well, workouts feel great, runs have been good. Tan lines abound. Our weather is finally heating up and we are adjusting to running in the heat. Going through a lot more water, and sweating out tons of it. I had forgotten that I am quite a prolific sweater and creator of salt crystals! I am like a running science experiment : ) Our times aren't slowing at all though, so that is good.
We headed out to Tilden early Sat morning to meet a sister that regularly does Brazen races, as does her Ultra Running Hubs. They were going to be doing Brazen's wicked hard Wildcat run. Click here for his great re-cap and pictures of the beautiful run! We also had some friends from Pleasant Valley cong running the half marathon. I convinced Brian to do the 10k since we would be there anyway, it would be a shame for one of us not to run it. It was a brutal course, no flat. Up, down, up, and down again. He did great, finished 26th overall! Of our sister-friends that ran, we had a 1st, 2cd, and 3rd in their age divisions!! Everyone did a great job on a very tough course in warm weather.
Sunday we had our special talk which Brian had the privilege of giving this year. He did great! We followed up meeting with a long run. Great run, solid. His legs were a bit sore from the hills the day before, but it was a good run. Cleaned up and headed to some friends house for dinner.
Of course I have a ton of pictures, but alas, I can't dump them on this comp.
Hope you all had a good weekend!
Again, please email me if we normally correspond via email as I will not have anyone's addresses until you email me and then I can save it on this comp. This will most likely be a long term issue as I don't plan on forking over the money to fix my comp until after my Maui at least a few weeks.
Hope you all have a great week!