Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Do You Measure a Week?

Not in "cups of coffee". (Rent reference) That would be too many to count. How about this...

Runs till Maui - 5!!!
Long Runs - 1!!!
Workouts till Maui - 4!!!
Tanning cramming days till Maui - 7!!!

I am super excited and I don't know if it has actually sunk in that I am going yet! I plan on getting 4 early morning runs in while there, but it's vacation, and I am flexible. I am looking forward to running while there, though!! It's such a great way to take in a new area, getting up early and getting outside before all the hustle and bustle. Just being able to take in the smells, sounds, feel of the air.....I can't wait!!!

I can't thank Nancy enough for including me in this once in a lifetime trip! I can't wait to see these 3 ladies that I haven't seen least 13 years! We have a lot of catching up to do!
And of course, there is just no way to thank Brian for being such an amazing husband! He didn't give me being gone for a week a second thought and insisted I go, and go w/no guilt! He is an amazing guy to take the week off and be on both dad and mom duty. I think his biggest worry has been, not me being gone and doing some pretty adventurous things, but how to do the girls hair!



  1. I have been in Brian's position before (dealing with a girl's hair while mom was away). You should hide the hair clippers just in case - buzz cuts make things much easier, and besides, it will grow back. Eventually. Diane and I are in beginning talks about the Jan. Marathon on Maui. Wow do they start early in the morning though!

  2. Too is that when WHM got her first WH nickname? : )

    Maui would be a great destination race!!

  3. haha, totally understand about the hair...that would be the first thing I would worry about. Have an awesome trip, look forward to seeing your pics!

  4. Have a great trip. You deserve some time to yourself!

  5. Have a GREAT trip!!!! Brian will be ok...stock up on headbands! LOL

  6. Dreadlocks are back in fashion I hear. :)