Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Around the Corner

So we have a few fun races coming up next weekend. We don't usually double up back to back days w/running events, but these are just both too fun to pass up.

On Saturday Brian and I will be doing City Solve Urban Race in San Fran. We got a great deal on registration through Schwaggle on this race, so it became a must do. This is another Amazing Race type of event where you solve clues to figure out where to go and complete a challenge when you arrive. We have two other teams of friends who will also be running it, so it should be a fun day.

On Sunday I will again be running the See Jane Half Marathon in Alameda. There are quite a few sisters running this event, which always makes it special. We are spread out between events, some are doing the half, some the 5k, and I know there will be at least 3 kids running the kids race as ours are signed up!

As for this weekend, it's a 5 day weekend around our house. The kids are having furlough days on top of it being a holiday. We also have our Circuit assembly Sat and Sunday, so today is all about getting set for that. We will be getting a 13 miler in on Monday, and most likely Tuesday will be a zoo day! Brian was so great and got our zoo membership for the year. We have gone a while w/o one, and Myles has been asking almost daily to go, so now we have the option of doing that!

The kids school year is almost over, so the end of year events have begun. We went to the talent show this week. Emma had her first concert on the song flute yesterday. She did great. I was amazed at the classical music and elaborate songs they row row row your boat or london bridges for them! Sophie has her big play next week. They have been working on this thing for the past month, so she is really looking forward to it. Then we will the end of year parties after that. Hard to believe how fast this year went by, and all the changes our family went through this school year. Next year is already setting up to be just as filled with "changes".

We are definitely ready for a summer break! Now, if our weather would only switch over to summer.......


  1. I really wanted to do the City Solve Urban Race. If I had known you guys were doing it I would have tried harder to talk Allen into it! Let me know when you find good deals on races. I'm always looking for a break in price. We are doing the Healing Hearts 5k at Lake Merritt in Oakland tomorrow. It benefits Suicide Prevention. Where do you have your Circuit Assemblies at Fairfield? We have our Special Assy Day on Sunday in Fremont. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Diane,
    Have a great run tomorrow!
    Yes, we have our CA's and one days' in Fairfield.
    For good deals, we get emails from Active's Shwaggle...I think City Solve was only $28 total for the both of us...really a great deal! We love the urban adventure races, this will be #5 in San Fran : )
    You have a great weekend, too!

  3. Hey Beth,
    Hope your Assembly Day was great and you have another great one tomorrow! I'm sure you will! How far is it to Fairfield for you guys?
    I went to Active's sight and couldn't find anything about Shwaggle. Do you have more info or could you send me the link? Thanks so much!

  4. Diane,
    Had a great day, good kids!
    It takes us about 40 minutes going, 50 coming home.
    I will do a Schwaggle post for you : )