Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week #2 Went Like This-

Miles Mon-Friday went like this - 9,6, rest day that was hiking down Steep Ravine, 13, 5.  There were a few tidbits on the end of some runs, so I ended the week with 34 miles.  I'll tell ya, that 13 was the pits. It was broken up into a 5, 3, and 5 using the car as an aid station.  The 5's were mostly on paved, and the 3 was in the hills.  Not loving the pavement, and I will do that differently this week. While my heart was not into the 5 miles the next day, my legs felt pretty darn good and I PR'd on every climb of that run. It was fun to have Brian along this week to experience how I have my training week set up.  Here's a few pictures from the week -
 Our horrible air quality has made for some beautiful sunsets.
 Saw these on my 3 hour run.

 When I was doing my 3 hours on Thursday, Brian was getting his long run done. He started at home, ran through the hills into town and the paved trail, then ran back home through the hills. I spotted him while I was also in the hills. Hard to see him, but he's down there!

 This is a hill I climbed during my 3 miles that was sandwiched between two 5's.
 And then I ran....
 And ran.....
 And then the next day, I got up and....ran.
 Super happy I'm about to have 2 days off in a row!!
 Myles and I hung out for a while at the park while the girls and Brian fished.

 That's the face of a kid who didn't catch any fish. Meanwhile, Myles was ready to sit for a bit and give it a try. This is after the girls had been fishing for over an hour. He sit's down, reels in Brian's line, and on the way in he hooks a big fish!!   Then he was done and back to playing, I think the whole thing took about a minute, and left the girls looking around like "what just happened??".
 Myles making a leaf pile.
 The girls and I have been working on this horrible puzzle that I swear all the pieces look the same.
 Tuesday's run is supposed to be flat/fast (relative here, fast for me is slow for most), so I chased my youngest two kids on bikes for 6 miles, while Brian did almost 8 chasing Emma.
Myles really did have fun, he just does not enjoy his bike seat. : )  I think I need to aim it down a bit.
Hope everyone had a great week and weekend and are ready to wake up fresh as daisies and start a new week tomorrow!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


This is NOT what December should feel like! It was warm, people. Warm.
I'll tell ya, though, parking one car at Pan Toll and one and Stinson and hiking down Steep Ravine, ending up at the beach in 70 degrees, with The Beast and family......not a bad way to spend the day!

 That's The Beast taking the picture, and Mr. Beast, their friend, and Myles. While we had been up Steep Ravine a few times, the Beast family had never been on it at all.  I gotta say, going down it one way is the way to go!!

 The old ladder had been rebuilt!
 That's Stinson Beach down there.
 Mr. Beast and Sophie having a chat.

 Myles getting suited up.

 There were a lot of people out for it being Christmas day.

 That's our camp, not a bad backdrop!

 Emma had been suited up and caught some big waves on the Behrens board, she's telling Brian all about it.
I think he was looking at the map trying to figure out where the ocean was.
Everyone had a great time!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Burnin' Buns

 Yep, this morning's run had them burning!  Was nice to see some improvements on every one of the climbs over last weeks times, though. That's the great thing about training. If you do the work, it pays off...and it's only week 2! I've got tons of room for improvement, I'm such a slow climber! My ultimate goal would be to someday beat NTL up a hill. One can dream : ) It was a treat to have Brian out there with me today!  It'd be nice to beat him up a hill someday, too!
 Yes, it was warm-ish, 45.

This is the Way Too Cool - I'm In club on Strava. After I uploaded this mornings run, I checked my standing....had to take a picture because it wont last for longer than an hour, if that....but that's me! 3rd place behind Chris Vargo!!! The only time in my life our names will be that close on a list having anything to do with running! Made my day!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kicking off Week #2

This is on the plate for Monday's run. It'll be a treat to have the hubs with me!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Picture Post From This Weeks Runs

 This was the start of Run #1 yesterday, it sure looked more like Fall than winter.

 Briones to Diablo trail playing peek-a-boo through the trees.
 I could almost hear the hills laughing at me saying they had no flats for me today, just hill after hill.
 Why, yes, hill. I would love to run up your crack on this fine morning. What nice, tan buns you have.
 Heading up Buckeye Ravine, before it gets steep.
 About half way up and my legs are shot. I was drinking FRS in my water and it kicked in...after I dragged myself to the top.
 Don't see this everyday, I was excited for the water tower, it's not everyday you get a new ladder!
 I thought this would be my last climb of the day, but when I got to the top, I realized I needed to kill more time and had to climb another one.
 This is before I realized I was not done yet, I definitely felt done.

 Seriously?? They don't need our help, they are constantly jumping out of bushes and scaring me. They are doing just fine w/o our help.  I did like that sign though, it had a vintage look to it. I may check every now and then and see if it's fallen off. If it's on the ground it's fair game.
 This gate and I do not get along. It hangs open, so I ran up to it and pushed it the direction it was open and raised my knee to keep running....and bounced off the gate. I needed to pull, not push.  That screw went after my knee.
 See the red dot with the bruise around it? That happened on Monday.  Paybacks, gate.  Watch yourself.
 Considering I was hobbling pretty good after yesterdays adventure, I was not sure how today would go, but I put on my big girl undies and my game face and got after it. I picked that shirt for a reason, puts some extra pep in my step.
 I beat The Beast to Borges Ranch, and did some walking/running to see how bad it was going to hurt to run with her, but everything felt good, and even better when we finished 5 miles.  Check out the reflection in the horse trough. So pretty.
 The Beast arrived with a gift for me! She's the best!
 This is this afternoon, just so you know I do have non-running clothes.  I may look cleaned up, but I still smell like a horse, haven't showered yet.  And by yet, I mean as I'm typing this at 4:35. I'm nice and ripe.
 Sophie making cookies. Has nothing to do with my running week, other than I earned a cookie.

Alright, people.  That's all I got for you. I should probably go take a shower, but I think I'm going to have a cup of coffee instead. Cuz, once again, I'm a Bad Bass.  And we all know how those smell.
Have a great weekend!!