Saturday, December 14, 2013

3 To Hit 20

We were cut off from the world today by the Walnut Creek 13.1 race. All roads that lead anywhere were shut. Since I really wanted to get 3 miles in today to hit 20 for the week, we headed to Mitchell Canyon for a quick 3.  Again, it's still barely 30 degrees in the mornings and the trail was extra sparkly with frost. I've been avoiding running the valley because it's nearly all shaded and extra cold, but today I was hoping for a negative split run....which means running 1.3 out the valley up hill, and then 1.7 back out, past the car, and out the other end of the parking lot...which is downhill/flat.   Pretty tricky, but it pays to know the trail and know how to run it/which direction to go and where to turn back around to get a progressively faster run out of it. : )  And I did. I'm super happy with this weeks runs, mileage, and elevation.Nothing dramatically fast, far, or steep...but just a solid week for me. To be able to get this mornings run out of my tired legs....I'm super happy with it.  Looking forward to training for Way Too Cool starting next week!! And because I don't like to post a bunch of words with no picture, here you go -
Chosen purely for the fact that I like his butt. : )
Have a great weekend!!

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