Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fat Bottomed Girls

I had a great run today! Was really happy with it considering my legs are not fresh coming off yesterday's hilly 8.  As a treat, instead of my Ipod I played my Aerosmith channel on Pandora on my phone. It was so fun to hear a wide, and I do mean wide, variety of music. An odd highlight that had me laughing out loud was hearing Queens Fat Bottomed Girls!  Twas a bit ironic to be running to that song.  If you're not familiar, google it, I bet you've heard it before...although Brian swears he had never heard it.  Anyhow, not a fast run, but extremely consistent, decent pace for me.  You can click it on the Strava feed if so inclined. I'm super happy for the consistent splits.
Tomorrow is my "Time on feet" run, which I have scheduled to start at 3 hours on my feet on the mountain. It's also day 3 in a row of running. And, the next day I have a run with The Beast on the sched.  Solid week right there.  Now if I can just get all the sicko's out of the house on the same day I'd be set.  Today the kiddo's went back to school, and the papa sicko stayed home.  I predict he'll be home tomorrow, too.
I have to give a huge shout out to my boy, who finished up his Sight Word's Lists tests!! He really struggled every week to memorize his 20 words a week, then would be tested and had 1-2 seconds to identify the words, if he missed one word he failed and had to keep being tested on that list until he nailed all 20 words.  Not a great system for kids who panic with timed test type situations. He had until the end of this month to get through all the lists, A - what...220 words??  Anyhow...he did it today!!  Yes, I was the mom who was jumping up and down and hooting and hollaring outside the class room.  Then, as a family, we went to Safeway and let him pick out whatever cake he wanted. Super proud of my boy!!

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