Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 Hours - Training My Brain

Today was my first "time on feet" run. I have one of these scheduled every week. To recap a little, this week was off sched from the get go, and my Monday run was pushed to Tues, and each day then was pushed back a day, which ate my Wednesday off day, and makes for 4 days in a row or running.
The normal sched is Mon, Tues, off Wed, thurs, fri, off Sat and Sun.
So what is the point of a 'time on feet' run you may be wondering.
For me, it's equal parts mental, emotional, endurance, miles, pace, and elevation. Miles and pace being at the bottom of the list. It differs from a long run in that a long run, for me, is a set distance that increases by 1-2 miles per week. Pretty basic, know what your doing from the start.
When you just have a "time" that you need to make yourself stay out there, and it's a farely long time...while you are getting benefits from the activity itself, and the elevation....for me the mental benefits are huge.  There is no giving up, or cutting it short, or hitting 15 miles and deciding your done. (hello, diablo 50k, I'm thinking of you).  There is no "crud, I've been moving for an hour and only covered 4 miles, this is a crap run, I'm calling it a day." I have to make myself keep moving for the scheduled time. No easy outs.

Today, I will openly admit I was tired from the moment my 3 hours started.  I decided to run all of Shell Ridge, from one end to the other, starting at Borges Ranch. That out and back was my first 1:26. I looped back to the car, saved that as run #1. Refilled the water bottle and headed out for run #2. I headed towards Castle Rock park.  What this means is I will have to climb back up over the ridge at some point to get back to the car. One thing I've heard about WTC is that there are 2 major climbs,  well into the run.  With that in mind, I decided to head up Buckeye (if you click run#2 on the strava feed and look at the elevation profile, it's what looks like a wall.). 
Keep in mind I started the day with tired legs, and by now they were totally shot.  After that climb, there's one more climb, and then a drop back down into Borges.  I still had 10 minutes before I could quit, and you better believe it took all of my willpower to keep running past the car and turn up another hill. It was exactly what I needed, to know I can make myself keep going when I really want to be done! I got back to the car at exactly 1:30.  I was committed to getting my 3 hours though, and you may have noticed that first run was I cooled down with a 4 minute walk.
3 hours done.  Legs done. 2,436 ft of climbing. (going with Garmin stats on elevation)
I've got to get another 5 done with The Beast in the morning, and then I'm done until Monday!!
Here's a few from today - 

Never mind. Pictures are taking way too long to upload and I'm outta patience.
So.....I'll have a picture post up tomorrow!
Wish me well with The Beast.

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