Friday, September 28, 2012

The Beast Surrounded by Beauty

I love this picture!!  It's from our run last week, a run when The Beast said she needed "around 3 flat, soft miles."  So I suggested we run out the bottom of Castle Rock, but when we got to the turn around at 1.5 miles, The Beast says, "turn around already?? Where does that trail go??"  Which ended up in a 6 mile run w/close to 1000ft of climbing! In this pic, we were heading down Little Yosemite Trail to run back out the bottom of the valley.  I love this picture, it reminds me how small and insignificant we really are, surrounded by such beautiful land.  I have a few more great shots from this run....of us stepping gingerly between a trail full of mother cows and their babies who were to the side of the trail....but this one of The Beast deserved a post of its own!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!

Here's to 15 more years of taking the "arms length head shot" picture!  Love you much!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

See Jane Duathlon 2012 - In Pictures

My bike w/the see jane bag underneath it, next to the Beast's

Our row, I can still spot the flames on my bike bib #32, but that's the only way I know which bike is mine, they all look the same.
and now....Where is my bike???
that's me in red getting my bib # marked onto my thigh

Rachel, Sarah, The Beast, and Me

I dont' remember taking this one, but I love it! The kids had fun playing on the beach waiting for things to get underway

Life guards heading out to the swim course

Me not believing this is really about to happen!

I can't believe I got body marked!!

me and the Beast

killing time during the hour+ delay

I spotted Willard from Footloose!!

I didn't get the 'pink' memo...getting set to start the duathlon
I'm in the middle waving

Running an 8:26 mile and getting high fives!
This is the only shot of me on the bike since I can't carry my camera on the bike, I'm in red back there.
The first run and bike are now over, and all I have to do is knock out this 3 miles!! Still just super excited to be doing this!

So it got into the 90's on this day, it was about 85 at this point, and as you can see there was not a speck of shade unless I hid behind someone in their shadow! This was a long out and back, and at this point i was heading out to the turn around.
Now I'm super happy, I've made the turn around and am now heading back to the finish area, in the distance by the beach.

And then I finished!!

While i was running/biking, Myles caught 2 Bass!

So Happy!!
Really, though?? This medal is about the size of a quarter!! I want a Brazen size medal, please!!

Results are HERE

Race Recap is HERE

Sunday, September 23, 2012

See Jane Duathlon 2012 - Results!


Place  Place       Name      Bib    Age    Rnk    Time       Time      Rnk    Time        Time      Rnk      Time           Time                 Time

12   92      Elizabeth Latham  32   35    11     8:26.  9     1:21.7    15      43:09.0      2:18.0    12      34:22.0      1:29:37.6        1:29:37.6

What does that all mean?? 12th of 17 in age division, 92cd of 128 overall, the first 1 mile run I ran in 8:26 (super fast for me right now!!), my time in the transition area after running, also called T1 time- so the amount of time it took to un-rack the bike, put helmet on, drink, and get out of transition area was 1:21, time it took to get the bike leg done was a super long 43:09....most people were in the mid to low 30's, so I lost a lot of time on the bike, T2 time which is when I racked the bike in wrong spot and got lost took 2:18, and the final 3 mile run took 34:22 - this is a long time for a normal 5k, but for this sort of event, and walking 2 of the hills, I'm happy with it!  I'm super happy with a 1:29 overall time for my first time doing one of these!!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

See Jane Duathlon, 2012

First, I have to say I can't believe I did it!! It's always scary to branch out and try something new, not knowing what the outcome will be.  One of the things I've learned over the past year is what's important isn't really the outcome (dnf's happen when you keep testing new limits...or just have a bad day), it's that you keep pursuing new adventures and goals, and enjoy whatever that journey brings your way.  That said, today's outcome was pretty great!!

I'll start off with just recapping the events/sequence of the morning, then my thought's on See Jane as an event company-

This event was a Duathlon, as well as a Triathlon. Both events used the same transition area which meant I was able to rack my bike next to 3 friends doing the tri, including the Beast. There are only participants allowed in this area, all exits/entrances are guarded well, twice when I had a kid following me I was reminded of this, oops!  I took a minute to get my bearings, taking note of where the run in/run out areas were, and the bike out/bike in.  I also took a lot of time making sure I knew which rack my bike was on.  It was a sea of bikes that all looked the same, but mine was almost a straight shot in front of the run in area, so I would finish the first run and just go straight....

After racking my bike and setting out my water bottle underneath it, we got in line to get our body markings!!! This was so surreal for me.  I am such a huge triathlon fan, we've watched a ton, I've read so many books and blogs....and even though I was not doing the tri, to be standing in line to get my own body marked did not seem real.  I got my age on the back of my left calf, and bib number on my arm and top of left thigh.

Eventually (I'll get to this later, but there was over an hour delay for all starts, boo!!) the tri started and I was able to watch the first 3 waves go off, see the first swimmers finish, and see a rescue before I headed over to the Duathlon start, which was a much smaller, angrier crowd. (they were not happy about the delay, and that we were not allowed to start until every swimmer had started).  But start we eventually did.  The nice thing about this event is all the running is dirt trail running.  The first run was 1 mile, which I found to be odd, it's a mile, so your gut says go fast, but you know you have a bike and run ahead, so you shouldn't really go all out...but anyhow, it went fast. I saw the kids and got some high fives.

Before I knew it I was running into the transition area, straight to my bike, no problem. I put my camera back into my bag, drank quickly, put on my helmet, got my bike, and ran it out. You can't ride your bike in the transition area, so you get on just outside of it, and off you go!  I heard the kids yelling as I started riding, but there was a hill right away, and I was concentrating on gears and making sure I didn't end up walking it up the hill. I got up the hill no problem.  One of the things I did not know about this course is that while some is in a coned off lane, a lot of it is open road, meaning there are cars going by you and you are riding in the bike lane.  I've never been a fan of riding on open road as I'm not a cyclist and just not comfortable with it, but amazingly I was so focused on just riding as fast as I could that while I did notice the cars, it did not bother me.  What did bother me was that while I was in a 3/9 gear going as hard as I could, I was getting passed like crazy!!  These ladies did not look like they were working nearly as hard as I was and they were flying by me!! It was incredibly frustrating.  I think I tried every gear on the bike trying to find one that would get me some more speed and nothing seemed to work.  I know gears make a huge difference, and what I learned today is that I will have a straight road bike before I do one of these again! Brian's hybrid mt/road bike just does not keep up with the legit road bikes.  Mentally, this was so frustrating, but I decided I was doing all I could do, just settle into a 3/5 gear and get through it.  I was slightly nervous before hand about all the biking rules - you have to keep 3 bike lengths between you and other riders, no drafting, pass on left, if you attempt a pass and can't complete it, you have to drop back to the 3 lengths, no side by side riding - but it wasn't a problem. I did manage to pass a few people and practice the rules, so that was nice. Anytime we turned onto a different street there were course people w/flags directing us, so there was pretty much no way to get lost on this course. Even nicer was that I did not throw a chain or get a flat!

So about the time I was asking ladies around me if we were close to the end or what mile we were at, we made the final turn and it was just a straight shot and a downhill to the transition area.  I rode up to the bike-in shoot, hopped off the bike before entering transition and boy, that was interesting!! I'm not going to lie, Brian's bike seat is brutal, and getting off the bike and trying to run it into the transition area and re-rack the bike was painful!! I headed for what I thought was my rack, racked the bike, noticed what I thought were my 3 tri friends bikes racked, too,(which was right, they should have been out on the run course way ahead of me since the tri started way ahead of me) and started looking around for my bag, found it, started digging through it for my camera and hand held water....and realized it was not my bag.  Oops!! I looked around to figure out where I was and where I should have been, un-racked my bike, ran for my spot, re-racked, got my stuff, drank like a camel (it was in the 80's and I am not coordinated enough to drink on the bike, so I was running on dry) and headed for the "run out" shoot to start the final run.

I was so happy to have made it through the bike relatively well (speed aside), all that stood between me and the finish was a 3 mile trail run! No problem. This 3 mile section was about as much as you can possibly ask for in a 3 mile trail run - uphill, downhill, a pretty lake, 2 aid stations, a bit of shade, a lot of sun, and it was out and back, so you could see how far back in the pack you were.  I was for sure in the back half, but not nearly as bad as I thought I was after getting passed so much on the bike. I was able to pass a ton of the ladies who cruised by me on the bike like I was standing still. I was quietly amused by this since many of these ladies were serious cyclists in their matching racing jerseys and none too friendly. You know when you're out on a run and you say "Hi" to a cyclist coming at you and they look at you like you're stupid?? Naturally, an event that has cycling draws out more than a few of that variety of cyclist. I fought the urge to smile and say Hi as I passed : ) Many were for sure cyclists, and not runners!!  The last section was up on top of a berm/dike and was a long, hot section....but we were heading to the finish and that kept me moving along.  Before long I was dropping down a hill off the berm, across the parking lot, onto the grass field, and heading across the finish line!!

The whole thing felt really strange to me.  I moved through the morning and enjoyed it and got it done, but it almost felt pretend. I think because this has been a goal for so long and now it's done, it didn't feel real. Anybody know what I mean??  I did enjoy it though, and plan to leave my body markings on as long as I possibly can, which may get stinky!  As for what I learned....I guess the main thing is that next time I will employ a trick I saw a few people use, but wasnt' sure why until I got lost in the transition area....tie a balloon on my bike rack!!  It's much easier to look for a balloon than for a bike in a sea of bikes!  As for how hard or easy to go on each leg....i dont' think I would have changed much. I guess mastering drinking while riding may be a good idea, too. I had to push harder on the bike than I would have liked, but I still had legs to run for the final run, so I guess I paced everything ok.  I was for sure tired at the end, and that is how it should be.

My time was 1:30:xx, no official time yet, but I'll post results when they come up.

This is pretty long, huh? Looks like I'll do a separate post on See Jane, and a picture post, too.
Thanks for reading!


Just a quicky, I did it!!  I ran, biked, ran, and finished in 1:30 (unofficial).

The kids fished while that was going on and Myles caught 2 bass!!

My worst fear of  a) not being able to find my bike after the first run.....did not happen. But my b) fear did happen, I came back into the transition area after the bike leg to rack my bike and grab my water bottle....I racked it and started digging through my bag to find out it wasn't my bag and I racked the bike 3 rows away from where I should have been.   So I got my worst fear out of the way, and only one lady saw what I did and laughed, so I was spared major embarrassment.

I'm gonna take a nap now, will do a re-cap w/ pictures later.

Woo hoo, I did my first Duathlon!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


 I really can't believe this is happening tomorrow.  I was talking w/my mom on the phone yesterday, and she asked if I was ready.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  I guess I'm ready.  About as ready as I was for my first ever trail run, lol.  Tomorrow will be much the same as that day....watching, observing, learning as much as possible, trying not to look terrified or stick out like a newbie.  I'm more curious about how it all works than I am concerned w/my actual performance.  In a way that takes some pressure off, but I make up for that in nervousness about trying something new, with a new "type" of athlete and crowd that I've never experienced.  It should be interesting, and hopefully fun. My only goal is to relax, learn and take in as much as possible, and have fun!
I normally would not print my full name, but the 10 of you who stop by the blog already know my name.  I am still surprised to see the word "Duathlon" on there.

3 different bibs, yes, i asked for an explanation of what was for what, and where on the bike/helmet to put it.

I did a few alterations, bib for shirt

bib for bike

bib for front of helmet
Here's to new adventures, and taking a step closer to my long term goal of tri's!