Monday, September 10, 2012

Walnut Festival Run For Education, 2012

Myles signing his waiver by himself for the first time!

Em is in the front row, third from the left, she was running the 10k and aiming to beat her road 10k time of 1:16

Betcha can't guess who won the 10k? Yep, Brian Collett in 29 minutes and change. I yelled his name and he showed some love without looking up or breaking concentration. He is one of the most focused runners I've seen, not just in this race, but in every race we've seen him run. Maybe that's why he always wins : )

So they start w/a loop around the block from the start, so I was able to run to the other side of the block  to see everyone go by, here comes Emma

Next was Myles and Brian, which shocked me, I was looking for Soph to come through next.  Brian said Myles bolted off at the start, so he had the lead over Sophie the first mile or so

But here she this point I was not sure how she'd do breaking 40, which was her goal.

But, when she came by the second time on the way to the finish, she was at 30 minutes!  This was her face when I told her if she pushed she'd stay under 35.  She was super excited and did push to the end

She ended up finishing in 33 minutes and change, a huge pr for her!

This is Myles making his way towards the finish. I was shocked to see him come through here at 33 minutes!! He was about 3 minutes behind Sophie.

He's off, heading to his fasted finish ever in 36 minutes and change!

Here comes Emma on her second lap of the course, she was running strong and not tired yet.

She's got about 2 blocks to go w/52 minutes on the clock.  I had just told her she could stay under 55 if she could push just a little.  She was a bit in shock that she was under an hour, and wanted to take a stab at staying sub 55.

Final stretch, running to the finish w/her crazy mom hooting and hollaring next to her.  She finished in 54 and change, first and only female in her age division.
This pic is out of order, but Myles also ran the kids race after his 5k, this was the only way for him to get a medal as all the kids in the kids race got one, and he was determined to get one!
So these are from Brian's camera, this is Myles at the start of his 5k

and this was at the end!

And this was during the kids race after his 5k.
Pretty much the same vibe as last year, a nice home town race. It's a run for Walnut Creek education, so there are tons of kids, lots of cross country teams, teachers, coaches, local speedy runners.....but not a huge crowd, which is nice.  It's cheap at $25 including a shirt and goody bag. Lots of local support.  There are high school bands on course, local cheerleaders, a group from the local Sports Basement and Lululemon out cheering.  Just a nice home town run!


  1. That is so cool - a HUGE congrats to all three kids! (So, ummm, how are you going to deal with it when they start beating you? The first time it happened to me I had a few excuses. The second time I realized there were no excuses - kids can be faster!)

    1. Well, I think Em has me beat right now at the 10k distance, I've never ran a road 10k, but I think she'd whoop me.
      29 is a comfortable 5k, and she came through her first loop of the 5k course at 24 yeah...I'm toast!