Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little Pine Pond Music

I can't tell you how hard it was to walk away from this and head back to reality!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


each day to the fullest.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Homestead

First - although I was brutally sore after day one, I did workout on day 2. In the old days, I knew if I was sore and went ahead and worked out, it helped the soreness to go away quicker. Well, day 2 did not help the hurt go away, it brought more 2 Tylenol hurt. Good thing I've done this enough times to know week one is the hardest. Nothing to do but to do it.

Moving on, if you have access to a Hobby Lobby....go.  We are now in the 90% off Christmas time frame. I don't personally celebrate Christmas, but I do love the scents of this time of year. Give me a good cinnamon candle, baked goods scented candle, greenery, red accents for the home....I'm a happy camper. Give it to me at 90% off, I'm super happy!

Here's a few pictures of what the homestead is looking like on these gray, rainy days.

I'm just sayin.....$14.99 candles for $1.50 = Score!!
 Below, you can just barely see a pink balloon animal hanging from a candle holder on the wall. That is a whale Myles made for me, if you wonder what you are seeing. He bobs around when the heater turns on. : )
 So...pomander was a new scent for me, I wasn't sure what it was, but knew I loved it. After googling I found out about pomander balls. Kind of an old fashioned thing. Oranges, decorated with cloves, rolled in cinnamon and nutmeg, hung around the house as air fresheners.  That is the yummy good smell of the red candles.
 Yes, those are green tomatoes (our plants are still producing) and a tin of Bag Balm (for Kona's skin).

 Poor dude is STILL in a cone. He's having some tummy skin problems, and his pink eye is back : (
 My stupendous husband randomly brought me roses.
 There's a darn good chance that if you were to drop by, this is what would be playing through the house. LOVE. Give me a good, old school, stripped down, raspy, real country singer over anything that's getting played right now. Chris Stapleton. He is on Spotify if you just want to hear a bit before you buy, but it's worth every penny.
There you go! A glimps into our 'winter' house. It smells so, so good! I wish you all could swing by and snuggle in, sing Stapleton songs, and have a cup of coffee!  And then laugh at how I'm walking because, man, my hammies are rebelling against squats....and don't even make me laugh because my abs hurt so bad!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Brace Yourselves!

I worked out today......and hiked with some running, too!  Woot!
I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, or that it even felt good.  I've let myself go to the point that what used to be easy is no longer.  My 5 lb weights were mighty heavy today.  I have no excuses. My focus has been elsewhere for the past 2 years. And it will continue to be elsewhere...however, I have to be somewhere on my priority list. If I'm going to pick something about myself to put on that priority list, it's got to be my health. That's what's ultimately most important, right?  So, today was the day.  Here's some pics from today. FYI, these are not edited in anyway. The quality isn't great....but it was a stunning, stormy morning. My effort was rewarded with lots of mud!

Check out these amazing, fast moving clouds -