Monday, January 4, 2016

Brace Yourselves!

I worked out today......and hiked with some running, too!  Woot!
I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, or that it even felt good.  I've let myself go to the point that what used to be easy is no longer.  My 5 lb weights were mighty heavy today.  I have no excuses. My focus has been elsewhere for the past 2 years. And it will continue to be elsewhere...however, I have to be somewhere on my priority list. If I'm going to pick something about myself to put on that priority list, it's got to be my health. That's what's ultimately most important, right?  So, today was the day.  Here's some pics from today. FYI, these are not edited in anyway. The quality isn't great....but it was a stunning, stormy morning. My effort was rewarded with lots of mud!

Check out these amazing, fast moving clouds -


  1. You are awesome! Love to see the muddy Houka's, the puddles, and actual running water in the creeks.

    1. Thanks, mom. Felt good to get out there!

  2. dI wish I could be out there with you. Right now I would be a mountain rescue if I wAS ON THE TRAIL. I STILL WOULD LILKE TO BE ON THE TRAIL WITH YOU.