Thursday, December 24, 2015

First Week of Winter Break

 Winter dud.  We had an assembly on Sunday, and as the day progressed, I watched my girls fade like wilted flowers. Sophie's eyes got droopier and droopier, and her cheeks redder and redder. Emma was a coughing, sneezing mess.  We had all been looking forward to going out for dinner, but ended up just wanting to get home...where they've stayed ever since. The 3 of us have been exchanging a nasty cough, which I'd be happy for them to not give back to me now that it's a bit better. Anyhow, cough, headache, earache, congestion, not's been a heck of a Winter Break.  We hope to get out to a post Star Wars party tomorrow night. ( A 2cd group of friends are seeing it and having dinner after, we are just doing dinner since we've already seen it)
Not much has been happening, so here's a few randoms -

 Cold mornings around here.
 It's amazing how much building goes on at our house, considering how NOT handy Brian and I are.
 I continue to be amazed every time I step out into this beautiful planet. Such vivid colors everywhere.

 Winter favorites = new boots, and new sweaters.
This little dude. Such an amazing being. There is something about ice skating that he loves.This was from last Friday when he skipped school, and I took him skating instead.  All kids love it, I know.  But....lets just say he has a pair of roller blades, and when he's home, they are what he wears for shoes.  We've cleared out the garage so that he can skate out there, but they are the first thing he puts on in the morning, and last to come off at night. So, when we can get him to the ice, he just loves it. There's something soothing and calming about it, as well as confidence building for him because he is so good at it.  His mind continues to mystify us, as well as his teacher. Over this winter break he began a series of tests and assessments that hopefully will give us some insight into that amazing brain of his.  You should have heard him today telling us what all he saw in the "ink blot" part of the IQ test.

Hope this week finds you all happy and healthy!

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