Thursday, December 17, 2015

Post #1001

Wowzers.....I wish this post was worthy of noting, but's not. 
Although we are 30 minutes away from surprising the kids by taking them to see Star Wars with about 30 friends : ) That's kind of exciting.
Here's a few from the week, which I'm not going to edit for you, sorry - 
 We've had a couple mornings of intense fog!! This was the view from the field at school, looking at the school and playground.
 All that is currently hiding in my purse for tonight : )
 This was quite confusing, and entertaining for a minute : ) Sophie got a package in the mail...of chocolate milk. From Staten Island. No return address, or sender info.  After some asking....I'm pretty sure my dad sent it to her, although I'm still confused on if he did it on purpose, or if he meant to send it to himself?? Either way, she is thoroughly enjoying it.
 Sometimes, especially this time of year when it's cozier, I try to have the house clean, dinner ready, and lights lit when Brian gets home. A good house wife probably does this everyday....but that is something I've never claimed to be.  I've always been a fan of lighting lights if you have them, not waiting for special occasions or fancy dinners. So, once a week at least, we all sit down for a nice, cozy dinner. This night it was chili from the crock pot, and corn bread muffins. Not fancy, just cozy.
 This poor dude has had a rough few weeks. We came back from Disneyland to find he had pink eye. So after a week of eye eye was gone, but his tummy was covered in hot spots - red, crusty, warm sores. He kept licking them, even with the cone, so I had to make him some undies to cover his tummy area.  It is important to remember to take them off before letting him out to go potty : (
 This guy picked out some fabric and sewing stuff to "hand sew" a pillow. He's really into using a needle and thread...but not always mindful of where the needles end up. He did indeed make a huge, super cool pillow.
 With Myles getting out an hour early due to conference schedule, and Emma being on crutches, we've been having to park at the middle school an hour early and wait (or else I can't get close enough to pick up Emma). This is his work desk set up in the truck, with some home work bribery going on, but it worked!

Ok, well, I'm off for a fun evening!!


  1. Doesn't everyone get chocolate milk in the mail? (That was odd, but a fun thing that someone did!) Have fun at the movie - I suspect you'll have the joint to yourselves. (HA!)

    1. The movie was GREAT!! We went to the theater in Orinda, an old, one room, one screen theater that holds 750, totally sold out. And somehow we were able to hold 24 seats, although that was tense at times, lol. Great movie though, very old school, back to the original feel. Loved it.

  2. LOL with the statement of a "good" housewife. You are the best ever! With so much on your plate, you make me feel very special when I come home!