Monday, December 21, 2015

Pictures from Camera (I do exist!)

 Sometimes we get home from a trip and there is no photo evidence that I was even there. This happens more and more as I take more photos with my phone than my camera...and I'm pretty good at the selfie with my camera, but not my phone. Anyhow...behold. I do exist.

 We were there at the same time as a few of our friends, so we were able to meet up for a few hours.

 Sometimes the photos I snap quickly as we are walking end up being my favorite, like above.
 Myles was studying whales in school the week we went, so we had to get this picture.
 Holiday Small World....I kinda loved it! It's way, way more decorated on the inside, and the music is a mash up of Jingle Bells and It's a Small World. To me, it was a lot prettier than normal, less dead, or empty walls and spaces.
 Waiting to get on Splash Mountain, from the wrong side.

 Myles and I wind up with time alone when the older kids want to go on Indy, or Matterhorn. We can usually get a few rides in. We did cars, tea cups, and the old Mickey movies on Main Street, which he had never done.
 Waiting by the exit of Space Mountain for our turn to get on.

 You can kinda see that we are in a rocket on the side of the track. We slid over onto the track once we were all in.
A secret hallway! Both nights we were there, there was a candle light vigil going on for the holidays. This basically shut down the front of the park by Main Street Station. Coming into the park at night, they funneled incoming traffic down a tunnel/walk way that runs behind Main Street. It was pretty cool.

Right now, we are on Winter Break. Emma's ankle is much better, she has a little limp, but much better.  We are all sick with coughs and congestion and headaches, but hopefully we still have some fun over our 2 weeks off from real life!

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