Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Collection of Random Photos For You!

Not a lot of blogging around here lately, but there's been a lot of livin' life! I'm leaving these original size, feel free to click on them if you want to get a better look.
 Brazen Wings go to the butterfly house at Six Flags.
 Grandpa on a swing.....
 Grandpa on a bike.....
 Brian and my hotel in San Pedro this weekend (thank you, dad)
 Cousin's wedding at the Malibu Beach Club.
 I don't drink wine or beer, but I know how to bring my own whiskey, and found out I do enjoy champagne! (Thank you, cousin Kyle for the pink bubbly stuff!!)
 Wedding dance.....
 Brian's parents having some fun......
 A blurry pic of Cousin Kyle giving a speech about his brother Brandon (the groom).
 Uncle Phil w/Brian's mama, Nancy. (They are bro and sis, he's father of the groom)
 Drove 1000 miles in 3 days.
 Grew some coral......
 Painted my nails in a hotel while drinking coffee w/no kids within 500 miles : )
 A hotel room that was amazing.....
 Some awesome shoes my mother-in-law got me.....
 Dealt with a kid with a random, terrible toe infection.....
 Grew some beautiful flowers......
 Potted a few plants....
 Endured cotton wood season (can you see all the cotton balls in the air??) Side note, yes, this is our very, very green front yard. We need to get permission from the rental company to stop watering as our rental agreement gives the owner total control of watering in the front of the house, although we pay for the water.  We are only supposed to water 2 days a week, or face a new $10,000 a day fine....he currently has it set watering nightly. Not to mention the 25% surcharge on all water use, and having to cut use by another 25%.
 Got my hair skills on.....
And lots, lots, lots more!!! These pictures are all off my phone, there's so much more in the camera. I'm trying hard to get caught up, but life just keeps on rolling!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Look at That Countdown ticker!!!

Do you guys see it, over on the left of this page??? I believe we started with like 189 days??? And now it's a 1!!!! We are so excited to be getting way away for a weekend. The kids are being left in very capable hands, so we will have nothing to worry about. We are heading down to Malibu for Brian's cousins wedding. It's a quick trip, but we are so looking forward to it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Going Back a Few Weeks

I'm going to have to go backwards to get ya all caught up!  Let's go back to GARTH!  This was the first concert I had been to since Brian and I got married, and we are coming up on 18 years.  We were both super excited, and realized fast that the whole concert scene has changed a bit. There's now a whole parking lot party before the concert...and then another parking lot party after that happens. And, once purse ended up soaked in beer, and I don't drink beer. I tried so hard all night to keep it sitting on top of my boots and not the ground, but I failed. This also happened at the bull riding event earlier this year. Live and learn, it's now my go to purse for any country event.  As for Garth, he's still amazing. It was great!
 Not bad seats, and I gotta say his tickets were extremely reasonable!!

That's Trisha.

So that was fun. Also going back a minute, Myles had a concert/play at school that was super cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break, 2015 - Eagle Peak Hike

Grandpa said he was up to around a 3 mile hike. He did not specify elevation I picked Eagle Peak. It's 3.8 miles, easily makes 4 miles if you meander at all, and just over 1,100 feet of climbing. For a hike in the 3 mile range, it's about as much bang for your buck as you can get.  It was a beautiful day, not too warm out. Grandpa did great, and the mountain was beautiful!!


The rest of Spring Break is here.