Thursday, April 9, 2015

Garrod Farms, Saratoga, CA

Well, it's Spring Break for us, and I have lots to get you caught up on, but for now, here's some pictures from yesterday's adventure. Grandpa is visiting and took us for a trail ride out of Garrod Farms in Saratoga.  Great stables, great horses, great staff. It was beautiful, and the horses are trail horses that know exactly where they are going and what they are doing. No plow reining like last year's trail ride. These were nice, easy, neck reined horses that you barely had to rein at all. Nice western saddles, not English. It was a very comfortable (not snooty) ranch.  For those who like wine, there is also a vineyard and tasting room on the property...but again, very down home, nothing like Napa.  It was really a great day! Thank you, dad!

They actually didn't allow cameras on the ride itself, but dad snuck in a few. Thanks for sharing.

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