Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Going Back a Few Weeks

I'm going to have to go backwards to get ya all caught up!  Let's go back to GARTH!  This was the first concert I had been to since Brian and I got married, and we are coming up on 18 years.  We were both super excited, and realized fast that the whole concert scene has changed a bit. There's now a whole parking lot party before the concert...and then another parking lot party after that happens. And, once again...my purse ended up soaked in beer, and I don't drink beer. I tried so hard all night to keep it sitting on top of my boots and not the ground, but I failed. This also happened at the bull riding event earlier this year. Live and learn, it's now my go to purse for any country event.  As for Garth, he's still amazing. It was great!
 Not bad seats, and I gotta say his tickets were extremely reasonable!!

That's Trisha.

So that was fun. Also going back a minute, Myles had a concert/play at school that was super cute!

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