Sunday, October 30, 2011


Have you guys heard about this site??

It is pretty cool, and on top of being cool, it's free!! Go HERE, enter your name, click on the name or names (If you are Brian, half the time you registered as Brain) and just like that all your race results are there!! Yes....all of them, regardless of the racing company, distance, yada yada....they are there. You can compare all sorts of stats, you can have "friends", or "rivals" lists how many races you've done, how many of each distance, how many road, how many's really cool!!

And since you all know I am nosy when it comes to race results, I will openly admit I will spend time tonight entering in your names to see what you've done and how speedy you are. (Diane, that's really a lot of races you've run!! : ) Feel free to enter my name as well : )

GO, check it out!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Ride!

This was my test drive......

Just kidding, but I definitely had visions of doing this!! I have wanted an Xterra forever!! Mainly because they look like a whole lot of fun!! My first 2 autos were trucks. They were not fancy, but I loved them, especially my first one, a 78 Chevy Scottsdale. It was loud, and I loved it! I had a lot of fun w/that truck and remember trying to keep it as muddy as possible!

Well, when Brian found out he got his dream Napa.....we knew we were in the market for a second car. We have been a one car family for over 5 years and have made it work. If he needed to get somewhere, we would plan around it, or Brian would ride his bike there, or to BART. Well, BART doesn't run to Napa.

So, let me introduce you to my new ride - 2000 Xterra XE!!
We hunted for a yellow one, but they are few and far between, and tend to be overpriced (cuz everyone wants the yellow ones). I love, love, love it!! I drives nothing like our nice, big, smooth Chevy Uplander. It drives like a truck, rough and bouncy!! It's known for it's ruggedness. The number one complaint is that people buy them thinking they are getting a SUV and are surprised by how bouncy they are, but for me, this is a plus!! It has already been washed and waxed, ( I needed it washed so I could put this shiny, sealant stuff on the tires so they would look nice) Armoralled to the hilt, branded w/ both a Run. and a 26.2 magnet, pina colada air freshnered, front seats covered (cuz we run and then get right in all gross...messes up the seats) wiper blades replaced...I think that's it. Now that it's all super shiny.....I need to find some mud!! I can't wait to break in the 4x4!!

Brian has a new baby, too...but I will let him brag about that on his blog.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brazen's Rocky Ridge - 2011

It was great!! In that painful, long uphill, kind of way : ) We had 2 age division winners in the 5k!! Myles and Brian had a pile up very early on in the race w/Brian landing on top of Myles. There was blood and tears. By the time I was through the woods and up on the fire road I heard a whole lot of hooting and hollering down in the trees below us. I couldn't' see anyone, but I knew it was my two boys having fun. I stopped and yelled out "go Bubba" and heard Brian saying "did you hear mama?" So he ended up having a blast. He made it up the big hill with no problem, he did have a cup of gummy bears in each hand, so that probably helped.

I really struggled up the hill, it almost did me in. It was hard to see the 5k turn around and keep going past it. I did think about dropping there and just doing the 5k, but made myself keep putting one foot in front of the other till I got to the top. It was a long slow climb for sure though. Once i got up on the ridge, there were some steep rollers for a few miles. Once we did the sharp left turn to start the decent, it was on!! I made up for some lost time on the downhill and loved every second of it! It was awesome to be able to fly by people who were really watching their footing (I will only think this until I sprain an ankle in a race :). I have only done the 5k here previously, and it felt pretty awesome to approach the finish coming down the "big boy" hill that the 10k and half marathoners come down!! I was concentrating so hard on running all out down that hill (everyone at the finish can see you, so pressures on) and on not tripping!! I heard the family yelling and knew they were off to the left, but I didn't want to look away from where my feet were landing and almost missed my high fives, but I just barely got them in there.

I love my new trail shoes and definitely felt the difference in my footing, especially on the descents! We all had a great time, and I think 10k my be my new favorite distance!

More amazing pictures are uploading here. (amazing in view, not quality)

Friday, October 21, 2011

3, 2, 1.....It's a Race Weekend!

There are quite a few of our friends and family running this weekend.

We hope you all run smart, stay safe, and have fun!

Whether you are hitting the roads or trails,

tear it up!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Shakin??

We are : )
One of those rare CA days where we are rockin and rolling.
The Hayward fault seems to be letting off some steam today.
The kids felt the first one at school at about 2:40. There have been small aftershocks all day.
At 8:18 pm (bout 3 minutes ago) we had another 4.2.
Small, but enough to get your attention.
Earthquake 101 is going on right now in our house....the kids are sleeping w/their shoes next to their beds, and we are all sleeping fully clothed!! No need to blind any neighbors should we have a big one!
I'm always amazed at how much noise is involved in such a small shaker.
Myles is a bit freaked out, these are the first one's he's felt. He is asking if our house is strong and if we can move to another city : ) Pretty sure he'll be on the floor in our room tonight.

A Little Something to Get You in the Mood

Racing mood, that is : )

A video of Brazen's Rocky Ridge from Last years running....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch Out Rocky Ridge.....

Mama's got her some new trail shoes!!

Saucony ProGrid Peregrines

Not just new trail first trail shoes ever!! I am so excited for the downhill!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chainsaws and Runs

A few pictures from this weeks runs -

And now....

Wait for it.....

My husband, the mighty lumberjack.......

Now owns a chainsaw!!!

Who would have ever thought??!!
So scary!!

The Mulberry tree out back was out of controle. We had asked the managment company about it a few months back and they were "getting quotes". Then a few weeks ago we had that wind/rain storm come through and the branches that are over hanging and touching the roof really did some damage. So my question at noon on Saturday of "what do you want to do today?" turned into having a yard covered in Mulberry parts. i have to say hearing the saw and the smells that go along with it and the chain getting thrown and the saw not starting and the having to time the clutch just right....oh the memories!! The girls could not fathom that I grew up w/only wood heat and spent many long days working with my dad and sis collecting wood and stacking it. Being city kids...their job was to collect the parts that brian and i had cut down into small 1 foot sections, and putting them in bags for the garbage guy.
No injuries, so that's always good.

Running wise, lots of that going on. I did the 8 mile loop pushing Myles solo on Tues, did it again w/Brian on Thursday. Yesterday afternoon we headed to the Res. I ran 1 loop w/Sophie while pushing Bub in the jogger. Emma and Brian did a loop together. Then I did another loop with Emma. Sophie ran her fastest loop yet and had fun. She knew she was going fast and kept saying "wow, I'm going way faster than I normally do!" This was Emma's first time doing 2 laps, and she did great. Each loop is 2.7 very hilly miles. Her fist lap was 31 minutes, second lap was 35. Considering how hilly this is, I'm thinking she's good for about a 1:05 10k?! ?She's never ran that far at once, and said she felt like she could do another lap (we didnt' let her). She was not sore at all today, so she probably could have done another lap.
-By the way, if you watch Amazing Race.....the couple that is from the 'Bay Area'...they seemed to have some relationship issues last night, but I digress. In their opening shot, they are at the Lafayette Reservoir, or res as we call it. Kind of cool.

Speaking of 10k's, did you know I have never done one?? I guess that's kind of weird. I just never came across one that I really wanted to do. Plus, our "running history" started in a wonky order anyway. I went from a 5k, to a 25k, to a full. After the 25k, we thought hey, what's 11 more miles?? So 10ks' kind of got skipped over. And now with the kids running, usually one of us is running the 5k w/them, while the other does a half.

So the time has come, first 10k -

Go big or go home, yeah??
This is Brazens Rocky Ridge 10k. I did the 5k last year w/Sophie, it was her first trail run ever. All 3 kids and Brian are doing the 5k. The 5 goes half way up that hill, then turns around. I was feeling brave and going to go for the half marthon, which looks way more intimidating than this and from what I hear is the hardest half in the land.....but we have somewhere to be later in the day and I need to be able to walk, so instead, I will be doing my first 10k! You know what that means, right?? It's an automatic PR day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LBM Weekend in Pictures

Below this post you will find a long recap post of the weekend's 3 races.
Get a drink, get comfy, have a good read.

Here, you will find many many more pictures of the weekend.
(I am uploading them now, so by 9pm tonight they should be up)

Below is just a few from the weekend

One weekend, 8 medals
Kids Run, Thats Em finishing

Sophie finishing

That's me and Danica from Run Racing. She was in charge of many race things this weekend, including the kids run. She is also the face behind Chic Runner blog.
She and her new hubby's wedding will also be featured on an upcoming episode of
My Fair Wedding.
Thanks for your hard work!!

Bubba finishing along side Emma

Brian's half shirt, I have major shirt envy!
I like my 5k shirt, but...yeah...I wanted this one!

Race morning

Brian is the head in the center of the bottom of this picture

Look at those legs!!!

Gettin the high fives like crazy!!

Emma storming the 5k, she finished in 33 minutes.

Sophie and Myles dancing away, almost at the finish

Awesome 5k finish area

The kids playing ping pong with Forrest Gump in the background

View of Long Beach from the harbor

A section of the beach the full and half marathon runners crossed earlier in the day

Below, a dance/5k video of Soph and Bubba

Long Beach Marathon Weekend -

So I will start with the kids run, and continue through the weekend in the order of events -
(links to all events are on the left of this page)

Aquarium of the Pacific Kids Run
This is a free event that is part of the Long Beach Marathon (from here out referred to as LBM). It is on Saturday, day before the marathon and half. I will just start with 'Awesome!' It sold out with 2000 kids registered (not really sold out since it was free, but it filled up the limit of kids). parking was no issue at all, we parked right across from the start. It takes place in front of the aquarium. On the lawn there were booths set up, and the bib pick up tent. Bib pick up was cake, no problem, no line. The kids got free bike helmets, and played a game trying to kick a soccer ball into a big blow up thing.
I have to be honest and say that after reading Danica's reports from last year, I was expecting to see some crazy parents and possibly some smack downs, but everything seemed very organized and calm! The waves started, each age had its own start. The older kids were about 20 minutes apart, the younger up to 40 minutes apart. Emma was with the 9yr olds, she took 8 minutes and change. Sophie I think was around 12 minutes, and Myles took about 15. We wanted to support the request by Run Racing to not have parents on the course w/their kids....but have to admit I have visions of Myles getting half way and stopping and crying. It was only a mile run, and you could see bits of it from the start. There was a loop out around a light house, and that was what I was concerned about for him. As the morning went on, we decided to have Emma go out with him, but let him do his own thing, not pressure him to run, or run faster!
In the end, he did great! All the kids did great!! There was an ice cream stand an some "random stuff" stand that Brian hit up for a blow up spiderman balloon and ice cream. Myles saw him on the side right as he was about to come around the corner to the finish and his face just lit up, it was priceless.
All the kids got a medal, and not some cheap, plastic, free kids race type of medal. It is really nice!! It's an octopus keeping w/the theme, and even the ribbon it's on is cute (the bibs were cute, too!) The race itself rivals any other race out there as far as these things are concerned - bibs, medals, entertaining announcer, nice volunteers, water and sports drink at the finish, dressed up characters in costumes, a real start and finish line w/signage/banner, a lead pacer on an elliptigo (half elliptical machine, half bike)Brightroom photographers on the course, a "runners village" if you will(tents and booths of stuff to see)a corralled staged start, timing clock (it is a non-timed run, but the clock was there to see how you did), free stuff for runners (we got tickets to the aquarium, and 3 free harbor cruises).... did I mention already that this is a FREE event???? I have zero complaints and can't imagine what anyone could have found to complain about!! It is an excellently put together event. Nothing but love for Run Racing and Danica (she was in charge of this part of the weekends events...and other stuff, too)

Expo -
After the kids runs were over we headed down to the expo. It was at the Long Beach Convention Center. No issues what so ever. We parked, went in, got our bibs, bags w/shirts inside for the 5k, and Brians' half marathon stuff. No problems and the very short lines moved very quickly. We bought Sophie a pink LBM long sleeved, thumb holed, half zip pull over that she loves!! Emma got a sleeveless zip up cycling/running top w/ 3 deep pockets on the back from Go For It Sports! This is the big both that gets the center spot at every major marathon expo, tons of stuff in a tiny space, but they always have something we can't pass up! Her vest looks awesome, and I am envious!! We hit all the booths that caught our eye, and won 3 shirts and a flashlight at the Geico booth!
It's a great expo, in a nice sized venue, not at all cramped like San Fran's. Easy in, easy out.
From there we went to the hotel and ate....or ate then hotel?? Can't remember.

Race Day-
Up at 4 and out the door at 5. Brian hit traffic on the freeway, so he quickly got off and found the street we wanted on to line straight up with the parking lot in Long Beach. We cruised along and right down into the parking lot. This was much much different from our last time here. Last time we hit traffic on the way, stayed in it, got to the start with 30 minutes to spare, and we were in the potty line as our wave started. This time....much nicer! The sky...oh man. (there is a perfect picture of it - click on Danica's link above) Words will not do it justice, neither will my camera, but it was like a beautiful bow on top of the gift that is race day. Stunning pinks, purples, and oranges silhouetted runners and palm trees. It was really just amazing. Brian hit the potties twice, we wandered around, saw the bike tour start, then the cranks, then he got in his wave (which happened to be wave #1!!) and was off! Nothing rushed or hurried or frantic, it was a very peaceful, calm start. He felt good and fast and like that, he was off and running. (I will have him guest post and recap his race) We watched all the waves get started, and the runners who were late straggle across the start. Then they announced that any runners who had not crossed the start had 2 minutes to do so. There were still lots of runners just sort of milling around slowly walking towards the start who had gotten there late. With one minute to go, there were still some on the far side of the lagoon walking to the start. After the minute was up, they could still run, but it would not be timed. This was because things had to be reset for the 5k. The Marathon banners came down, and the Run Forrest Run 5k banners and signs went up. The start totally looked different than it did for the marathon and half. Its pretty amazing all the little details like that that are going on that most of us runners don't think about. There were constantly people working behind the scenes to make the weekend run smoothly for us 25,ooo runners.
The kids and I wandered around, they climbed trees for quite a while. We circled the lagoon and bridges twice, used the potty a few times, and then I heard some hooting and hollaring. I realized that the lead runners were coming back towards the beach, near the start. The kids and I took off running, hoping to see Brian go by, and hoping he would be in that lead group. We only waited a few minutes and there he was. He was running hard, and looked really good. That whole first wave of runners that came through looked so fit and strong and like they were out for PR's!! We were about at mile 6, so this was almost half way for the half and not even 1/4th of the way for the full. I have never seen a sweatier group that early in a run, everyone was pouring buckets, and it wasn't that warm out yet. This 6 mile mark raises my one and only complaint of the whole weekend, and it has nothing to do with Run Racing, or the actual race itself, but rather the silent spectators on this corner. There were at least 100 people lining this corner and it was silent. When the kids and I walked up I was shocked. Yes I know that these were the first group to come through, more serious runners, maybe intimidating to some....but they were running their booties off and enjoy some yelling and encouragement as much as the back of the packers do. I hooted and hollard a bit but could tell the guy next to me didn't enjoy it, so piped down a bit. I was pretty puzzled because I have to say that when Brian and I ran the full, one of our favorite parts was how crazy supportive the spectators and cheer stations and neighborhoods were. Some of the runners who ran by would pump the air like they wanted some cheers and we gave them to them. You could tell as hard as these guys were running, they wanted some noise! I finally said to the kids that if they wanted to get some high fives, all they have to do is stick out their hands and they'd get them. For the next 10 minutes it was a steady stream of runners giving the kids high fives and thanking the kids for being there. We needed to head to the 5k start, but I felt bad walking away. There's nothing worse as a runner to stick your hand out for a high five just as the spectator turns and walks away : ) So we waited till there was a space and hurried and retreated from the side of the race and headed to the 5k start.

Run Forrest Run 5k -

Forrest Gump and the mascot shrimp were there. We got a photo, and made way to the staring corral which was very full already. The plan for this race was that it was not for time, no one was going to actually run hard for a time. We were all going to have fun and enjoy the scenery and music. Emma and Sophie would stick together, while I worked on getting Bubba through his first 5k.
Well, Sophie is a bit like me when it comes to crowds, usually she is ok, but today it got to her. I think because we entered the corral after it was so full it made her really nervous. I could see her start to shut down (I cant' really describe what happens, but I literally see her start to shut down). I knew it was the crowd, but now I just needed to fix it so there was no major scene. She said she wanted us to all stay together, that it would be much better if we all stayed together. I knew Emma, who's 9 and becoming a pro at running solo in these big events, didn't' want to run with her mom. I suggested we wait till everyone else starts, and then her and Em could run together and see how many people they pass. She suggested she glue herself to my leg and not let go (not actually what she said, but I knew she was thinking that). Then I told Em she should probably just go for it on her own and run it however she wanted, slow and fun, or fast and furious. She knows to cross the finish and stick herself in a nook or cranny just passed the finish line till she sees us (which she did). So the race did start (with Forrest saying, "Stupid is as stupid does") and we all pressed up against the fence until nearly everyone started. It was just us and the slowest of the slow walkers. So we start running, (Emma is already way gone by now) and Sophie says "bye!" Huh?? I am finding myself in this position more and more, but I really was puzzled and had no idea what just happened. She was shutting down 2 seconds ago, and now she is off and running through the crowd, on her own, no Emma with her......I dread her teenage mood swings, i can't even imagine what the future holds!!
So then it was just Bubba and me! We ran. We walked. We skipped. We hopped. We danced. I had my fuel belt on and when he needed a pit stop we pulled off and he had water, gatorade, and sports beans. Was any of it really needed, well....I wanted to make him feel like a real runner and enjoy his first race! : ) I saw Emma go by heading the opposite way from us on an out and back. She looked really strong, her face was red and blotchy, so I knew she had decided to run hard. A few minutes later I saw Sophie trucking along all by herself. She's like a little mini Mack truck. Just a solid brick making her way down the road. She waved and smiled, so I knew she was ok.
Myles and I just kept making our way along the course, pretty slow going, but lots of fun and no tears or complaining. After the aid station, I saw Sophie again on a short out and back and she was now not far ahead of us at all, so I knew something was up. She was walking like John Travolta in Rhinestone Cowboy, so sad...I knew what was happening. She is built a lot like me and I have known that eventually longer compression shorts were going to be needed under her running skirt (to prevent inner thigh chaffing), well this is the race that she first experienced this issue : ( I told her to sit down by a palm tree and wait for me and I'd help her. We made a few wardrobe adjustments and lubed w/some water and headed for the bathrooms near the aquarium. She took care of business while Myles danced outside where there was a band. She was in there for a few minutes, came running out ready to go. I know she was very uncomfortable, but she didn't complain at all the rest of the run. About now I got a call from Brian who had finished the half in 1:55 wanting to know where we were. We hit 2 bands in the last mile and spent time dancing at each one, then we were at the 3 mile sign and could see the finish and we all just started going as fast as we could the last .1 mile to the finish! Em was tucked behind the volunteers handing out medals (she had been there for almost 30 minutes but insisted she waited 2 hours). We made our way out the finishing shoot area to the Bubba Gumps food, got our food and found a spot to sit. They had boxed lunches w/sandwiches, chips, and a candy bar. They ran out of water, but when more arrived they walked around handing it out to us. There were tables w/table clothes, umbrellas and chairs set up. Also a ping pong table that Forrest was playing at. It was an awesome set up for a 5k finish, definitely felt like more of a half or full marathon finish area than a 5k.

There was a separate finish area for the full/half , and another finish for the bikes. There was also a huge beer garden that everyone seemed well behaved at.

After maybe 45 minutes of sitting, eating, and relaxing, we headed down to the aquarium where the harbor boats leave from. We got our tickets for our free harbor tour, sat on a bench by the water and relaxed. I got some tacos from a taco wagon and the kids got cotton candy from another vendors booth, then we took the boat out and it was a perfect way to wrap up a great day of racing!

The next day we spent a few hours at the aquarium w/our free tickets (everyone who ran in the 5k, full or half also got free tickets). Then drove the 7 hours home.

I wish I could express in words how much we love this race, from start to finish, top to bottom, it is so well put together!! Every detail, from signs, banners, medals, ribbons, shirts, expo, logos, website, location of start/finishes, bag check (run by UPS), # of potties, parking options,....I could go on and on, but it's just top notch from every angle.

We have agreed and are committed to running the full marathon next year since we will not be doing San Fran, and I already cant' wait to go back down! Any family members want to volunteer to come with us??

This post is long enough on it's own, and believe me this is the short version!! I will follow this post with a picture post, and link to our photo site.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


sunrise at the race start

I have not forgotten about posting on this weekend....I had to get the pictures organized into proper folders, all 409 of them. And do "life" register for Rocky Ridge.

Tues - Thurs are super hectic but I will attempt a post tomorrow.

Here's a taste of some of the fun we had. Bubba got his monies worth out of the 5k course. Of the 57 minutes it took him (and by him I mean us), a lot of that was spent dancing....isn't that why the bands are there?? Why run a 5k when you can dance it?!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Aaahhh, Long Beach!!!
How I love thee!!!
I forget how much I love it until I'm in it.
Not just the race stuff.
This place is stunningly beautiful. It is the "CA" that this WA girl grew up picturing.
So much beach.
So many palm trees.
Such an amazing sunrise this morning. It started off stunning and just kept getting more intensely amazing.
And unlike many Socal places, it is 'Disneyland clean'.

The whole town was very generous this weekend. They went all out to make each and every one of the 25,000 runners feel special.

We relaxed after our 5k's and half marathon today w/free lunch from Bubba Gumps, and a free boat tour of the harbor.

Just a great weekend, in a great city.
Tomorrow we will be using our complimentary tickets to the Long Beach Aquarium before heading home.
Recap later.....(much fun was had, and someone ran a 1:55 half)

Friday, October 7, 2011

By the way...

I don't know if I have mentioned this or not, but our header picture?? That is us at mile 26 of the Long Beach Marathon, our first full ever. The kids were waiting there w/Melissa, Brian's sister.

That was an amazing feeling.....seeing the mile 26 marker for the first time and having the kids and Melissa there, knowing we were going to finish this amazing, yeah, that is why Long Beach is so near and dear to us.

Melissa, remember how we swore we would never do "that" again???
Never say never!!

We have arrived!

After 6 hours 45 minutes we are finally at our hotel....gah....traffic in Socal beats bay area hands down!!

Kids are in the pool, dinners on its way to the room...I am doing my normal pre-race geek out where I google the race and read all the news I can find on of the perks of running a big's usually on the news down here and in lots of papers.

I just read this article and again, another reminder that every runner has there reasons....

Kids race long can it take 3 kids to run 1 mile?? Well, if the age groups are staged 30 minutes to one hour apart....I am thinking it'll take Em 10 minutes, Sophie 15, and Bubba 20, but the process of getting them all racing and's looking like a 3 hour event. But they get a neat octopus finishers, ya know...what's 3 hours in the grand scheme of things anyways, right?? After that we have the expo. Brian will get his half marathon bib/shirt/bag o stuff, and the rest of us will pick up our Run Forrest Run 5k gear. Octopus medals on Saturday, Shrimp medals on Sunday, Monday we will be at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Brian says he's feeling good still. I ask, "but are you feeling fast?" We will see. I want him to meet his goal and go fast, but I also know this is an awesome course, lined with people, and I want him to soak in some of it, get some high fives, enjoy it, take in the beauty of running on the paved boardwalk on the beach, sand on either side...this would be an especially slow half for me. I would be getting my monies worth on this course, my camera would get a workout for sure.

Ok, I will try to post pictures tomorrow night if there is down time, but if not, then....not : )

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011 LBM Program

Here is a link to the 2011 Long Beach International City Bank Marathon & Half Marathon Official Program
(program as in magazine containing interesting tidbits about this weekends activities)
Kind of really neat!!

2011 Long Beach Marathon

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did I Name Our Dog After My Biggest Bucketlist Item??

( I can 't get blogger to remove the bunk video, pretend it's not there)

Did you think I forgot?? NO way. It's Ironman week in Kona. Don't forget that you can watch it all go down on Universal Sports online, (it will air on tv later in the year) and the Ironman site will be streaming coverage as well. If you need inspiration or motivation or a boost go get you re-motivated or just to hit your runs a little harder, spend some time Saturday watching.

We will be in Long Beach this weekend, but I will catch the cannon start, and as much as I can during the day between kids races and the race expo we will be at. I also have a new book to read on the way down/back from LB...."You Are an Ironman" by Jacques Steinberg.

Other tidbits - here are some Kodak moments from our recent activities -

Hiking w/the kids at Mitchell Canyon

What our van looks like w/the new bikes and rack

The girls took their bikes for the first 8 miler, while Brian chased them, this was the run he nailed some super speedy miles on.
Myles and I stayed at the park and did shorter laps around the park, with some playing mixed in.

Myles Soccer class started last Thursday and he loves it!

We have also been hitting the books and he is picking things up very quickly!

A pic from our 8 miler loop run 2 days ago.

Ran 5.5 yesterday morning in the sprinkles. I got a new visor. Do you know how hard it is to find a visor that Nike hasn't managed to get their logo on?? This was the one and only non-Nike visor at Sports Basement.

Brian taking the high road.

Dark, but that's Myles at his gymnastics class. I think he's doing an arabesque forward flip??

That's it!!
I probably wont post again before Long Beach, but I will have my comp w/me while traveling, so you never know.
Shout Outs:
The Beast is running the Portland Marathon on Sunday along w/her 2 best-ies who are Marathon Virgins. Go Get It, Girls!!

Mom/Daughter team D&M are running Primo's Half in Danville/San Ramon this Sunday.
Have fun and run fast!

I believe NTL and family ran the Urban Cow Half in Sac last weekend??
Lets see those cow bells!!

(wow, that was a lot of linking!)