Monday, October 17, 2011

Chainsaws and Runs

A few pictures from this weeks runs -

And now....

Wait for it.....

My husband, the mighty lumberjack.......

Now owns a chainsaw!!!

Who would have ever thought??!!
So scary!!

The Mulberry tree out back was out of controle. We had asked the managment company about it a few months back and they were "getting quotes". Then a few weeks ago we had that wind/rain storm come through and the branches that are over hanging and touching the roof really did some damage. So my question at noon on Saturday of "what do you want to do today?" turned into having a yard covered in Mulberry parts. i have to say hearing the saw and the smells that go along with it and the chain getting thrown and the saw not starting and the having to time the clutch just right....oh the memories!! The girls could not fathom that I grew up w/only wood heat and spent many long days working with my dad and sis collecting wood and stacking it. Being city kids...their job was to collect the parts that brian and i had cut down into small 1 foot sections, and putting them in bags for the garbage guy.
No injuries, so that's always good.

Running wise, lots of that going on. I did the 8 mile loop pushing Myles solo on Tues, did it again w/Brian on Thursday. Yesterday afternoon we headed to the Res. I ran 1 loop w/Sophie while pushing Bub in the jogger. Emma and Brian did a loop together. Then I did another loop with Emma. Sophie ran her fastest loop yet and had fun. She knew she was going fast and kept saying "wow, I'm going way faster than I normally do!" This was Emma's first time doing 2 laps, and she did great. Each loop is 2.7 very hilly miles. Her fist lap was 31 minutes, second lap was 35. Considering how hilly this is, I'm thinking she's good for about a 1:05 10k?! ?She's never ran that far at once, and said she felt like she could do another lap (we didnt' let her). She was not sore at all today, so she probably could have done another lap.
-By the way, if you watch Amazing Race.....the couple that is from the 'Bay Area'...they seemed to have some relationship issues last night, but I digress. In their opening shot, they are at the Lafayette Reservoir, or res as we call it. Kind of cool.

Speaking of 10k's, did you know I have never done one?? I guess that's kind of weird. I just never came across one that I really wanted to do. Plus, our "running history" started in a wonky order anyway. I went from a 5k, to a 25k, to a full. After the 25k, we thought hey, what's 11 more miles?? So 10ks' kind of got skipped over. And now with the kids running, usually one of us is running the 5k w/them, while the other does a half.

So the time has come, first 10k -

Go big or go home, yeah??
This is Brazens Rocky Ridge 10k. I did the 5k last year w/Sophie, it was her first trail run ever. All 3 kids and Brian are doing the 5k. The 5 goes half way up that hill, then turns around. I was feeling brave and going to go for the half marthon, which looks way more intimidating than this and from what I hear is the hardest half in the land.....but we have somewhere to be later in the day and I need to be able to walk, so instead, I will be doing my first 10k! You know what that means, right?? It's an automatic PR day!

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