Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Shakin??

We are : )
One of those rare CA days where we are rockin and rolling.
The Hayward fault seems to be letting off some steam today.
The kids felt the first one at school at about 2:40. There have been small aftershocks all day.
At 8:18 pm (bout 3 minutes ago) we had another 4.2.
Small, but enough to get your attention.
Earthquake 101 is going on right now in our house....the kids are sleeping w/their shoes next to their beds, and we are all sleeping fully clothed!! No need to blind any neighbors should we have a big one!
I'm always amazed at how much noise is involved in such a small shaker.
Myles is a bit freaked out, these are the first one's he's felt. He is asking if our house is strong and if we can move to another city : ) Pretty sure he'll be on the floor in our room tonight.


  1. I've felt nothing here on the peninsula, and I'm thrilled about that. Hang in there Myles - but just to be safe, keep your race medals close by.

  2. Tell him he can move up here with us. :) True we ar surrounded by active volcanos and the "Big one" is supposed to be here in any time.....but no reason to scare a kid right. :) Sleep well!