Wednesday, October 12, 2011


sunrise at the race start

I have not forgotten about posting on this weekend....I had to get the pictures organized into proper folders, all 409 of them. And do "life" register for Rocky Ridge.

Tues - Thurs are super hectic but I will attempt a post tomorrow.

Here's a taste of some of the fun we had. Bubba got his monies worth out of the 5k course. Of the 57 minutes it took him (and by him I mean us), a lot of that was spent dancing....isn't that why the bands are there?? Why run a 5k when you can dance it?!


  1. LOVE IT! That's a kid with two older sisters that have had a tiny influence on him. I love how he took advantage of the pole.

    Which distance for Rocky Ridge? My nemesis...

  2. the pole cracks me up, pretty sure we'll play that video at his graduation, wedding, and any random time we can possible work it in : )
    I am doing the 10k, Brian and kids are doing the 5k.
    I was feeling brave and going to do the half by myself, but found out we have an event in Fairfield that evening that involves looking nice, and walking in a straight line in heels, staggering isn't an no half.

  3. I think Diane went for the 10K as well - wise choice. Staggering after Rocky Ridge Half is probably mandatory. But you do feel a bit invincible.