Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Ride!

This was my test drive......

Just kidding, but I definitely had visions of doing this!! I have wanted an Xterra forever!! Mainly because they look like a whole lot of fun!! My first 2 autos were trucks. They were not fancy, but I loved them, especially my first one, a 78 Chevy Scottsdale. It was loud, and I loved it! I had a lot of fun w/that truck and remember trying to keep it as muddy as possible!

Well, when Brian found out he got his dream Napa.....we knew we were in the market for a second car. We have been a one car family for over 5 years and have made it work. If he needed to get somewhere, we would plan around it, or Brian would ride his bike there, or to BART. Well, BART doesn't run to Napa.

So, let me introduce you to my new ride - 2000 Xterra XE!!
We hunted for a yellow one, but they are few and far between, and tend to be overpriced (cuz everyone wants the yellow ones). I love, love, love it!! I drives nothing like our nice, big, smooth Chevy Uplander. It drives like a truck, rough and bouncy!! It's known for it's ruggedness. The number one complaint is that people buy them thinking they are getting a SUV and are surprised by how bouncy they are, but for me, this is a plus!! It has already been washed and waxed, ( I needed it washed so I could put this shiny, sealant stuff on the tires so they would look nice) Armoralled to the hilt, branded w/ both a Run. and a 26.2 magnet, pina colada air freshnered, front seats covered (cuz we run and then get right in all gross...messes up the seats) wiper blades replaced...I think that's it. Now that it's all super shiny.....I need to find some mud!! I can't wait to break in the 4x4!!

Brian has a new baby, too...but I will let him brag about that on his blog.


  1. It's a beauty! I didn't know Brian had a blog, what is it?

  2. That is sweet! I hope to see it in person someday soon. The car and the kids...and you and Brian of course. :)
    Congratulations it looks awesome!

  3. Diane -
    if you look on the left side of this blog, under the 'About Me' box is a 'Family sites' box and his links are there.
    He updates maybe once every 2 months or so, but I will 'encourage' him to get a new post up soon!

  4. I forgot to say that I got it new floor mats and vanity mirrors,too.
    AC got re-charged today, only thing left is a new sound system....maybe a lift kit, mudders, cargo box w/net for roof, towing I said, I've wanted one for a while cuz they are fun!!!