Saturday, October 1, 2011

Napa Valley Marathon, March 2012

It's time to scratch the Napa itch!
I have been wanting to do this marathon again for a while now.
You may remember that last year we quickly (or not so quickly) realized we wanted/needed to cut back from 4 fulls a year to 2 a year.
Originally, that was to be San Fran and Long Beach.
As previously posted, we just weren't up to starting another 12-16 week go-round of training so soon after San Fran, so Long Beach got cut back to a weekend of a half/a kids run/a 5k.
This opened back up the opportunity to run Napa again in March.
Napa was our second marathon ever back in March 2010.
It is a beautiful course and was an amazing run!
I mentioned in a recent post that we ran our 26.2 PR on this course (it is a net downhill).
The expo was top notch and Brian and I really enjoyed listening in on the Marathon College, hearing some of the Legends of running tell their stories, and seeing Karnazes legs up close and in person!
After this year, we will have a complete set of 4 NVM duffel bags, too!
I can't wait to run it again as marathon number 6!!
Below are some memories from 2010.

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