Friday, October 7, 2011

We have arrived!

After 6 hours 45 minutes we are finally at our hotel....gah....traffic in Socal beats bay area hands down!!

Kids are in the pool, dinners on its way to the room...I am doing my normal pre-race geek out where I google the race and read all the news I can find on of the perks of running a big's usually on the news down here and in lots of papers.

I just read this article and again, another reminder that every runner has there reasons....

Kids race long can it take 3 kids to run 1 mile?? Well, if the age groups are staged 30 minutes to one hour apart....I am thinking it'll take Em 10 minutes, Sophie 15, and Bubba 20, but the process of getting them all racing and's looking like a 3 hour event. But they get a neat octopus finishers, ya know...what's 3 hours in the grand scheme of things anyways, right?? After that we have the expo. Brian will get his half marathon bib/shirt/bag o stuff, and the rest of us will pick up our Run Forrest Run 5k gear. Octopus medals on Saturday, Shrimp medals on Sunday, Monday we will be at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Brian says he's feeling good still. I ask, "but are you feeling fast?" We will see. I want him to meet his goal and go fast, but I also know this is an awesome course, lined with people, and I want him to soak in some of it, get some high fives, enjoy it, take in the beauty of running on the paved boardwalk on the beach, sand on either side...this would be an especially slow half for me. I would be getting my monies worth on this course, my camera would get a workout for sure.

Ok, I will try to post pictures tomorrow night if there is down time, but if not, then....not : )

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  1. This sounds like such a blast! It's so cool that the whole family is getting in on the weekend. And I always recommend getting your money's worth (and a BUNCH of pictures!).