Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did I Name Our Dog After My Biggest Bucketlist Item??

( I can 't get blogger to remove the bunk video, pretend it's not there)

Did you think I forgot?? NO way. It's Ironman week in Kona. Don't forget that you can watch it all go down on Universal Sports online, (it will air on tv later in the year) and the Ironman site will be streaming coverage as well. If you need inspiration or motivation or a boost go get you re-motivated or just to hit your runs a little harder, spend some time Saturday watching.

We will be in Long Beach this weekend, but I will catch the cannon start, and as much as I can during the day between kids races and the race expo we will be at. I also have a new book to read on the way down/back from LB...."You Are an Ironman" by Jacques Steinberg.

Other tidbits - here are some Kodak moments from our recent activities -

Hiking w/the kids at Mitchell Canyon

What our van looks like w/the new bikes and rack

The girls took their bikes for the first 8 miler, while Brian chased them, this was the run he nailed some super speedy miles on.
Myles and I stayed at the park and did shorter laps around the park, with some playing mixed in.

Myles Soccer class started last Thursday and he loves it!

We have also been hitting the books and he is picking things up very quickly!

A pic from our 8 miler loop run 2 days ago.

Ran 5.5 yesterday morning in the sprinkles. I got a new visor. Do you know how hard it is to find a visor that Nike hasn't managed to get their logo on?? This was the one and only non-Nike visor at Sports Basement.

Brian taking the high road.

Dark, but that's Myles at his gymnastics class. I think he's doing an arabesque forward flip??

That's it!!
I probably wont post again before Long Beach, but I will have my comp w/me while traveling, so you never know.
Shout Outs:
The Beast is running the Portland Marathon on Sunday along w/her 2 best-ies who are Marathon Virgins. Go Get It, Girls!!

Mom/Daughter team D&M are running Primo's Half in Danville/San Ramon this Sunday.
Have fun and run fast!

I believe NTL and family ran the Urban Cow Half in Sac last weekend??
Lets see those cow bells!!

(wow, that was a lot of linking!)


  1. I'm really late on the blog post, but the cowbells were awesome! And while you all are hanging in Long Beach I'm going to be doing the Golden Hills Marathon (trails from Berkeley to Lake Chabot) on Saturday. Totally unplanned, but it was just too attractive to pass up.

    Have a great time in LB - I hope Brian makes Drew cry!

  2. BTW, congrats to Brian for getting all those bikes mounted on the back of the vehicle like that!

  3. NTL - when I got your last email and saw the empty weekend, I thought you'd find a way to fill it! Pretty cool that with your endurance you can just pick up a marathon here and there!! Since you pointed out I'm a kid, I can point out that I hope when I am your age I am as active as both you and Diane!
    Hope this weekend goes well and you have a great time!