Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Falls Trail, Mount Diablo

After all the rains we've had, we were itching to get up to the falls on the mountain.  Falls Trail is a hike I had done solo, then took Brian on.  That was a few years back, and we had decided that while our kids are experienced hikers, sometimes that experience makes them a bit careless.  This isn't a  hike you want to be careless on.  I also tend to get a little dizzy on this hike, and we weren't sure if it would hit the kids in the same way it does me.  For those reasons, we hadn't taken the kids up there.  But, a few years pass, lots of rain fell, and we decided to get them up there while the falls would really be going.  So, Monday we headed up, and it was beautiful!
Daffodils at the old Donner cabin site.

Emma feeling the burn.

A mountain sunrise.

There's about 1300 ft of climbing on this hike.

Still climbing.

Finally making the turn onto single track, and I almost instantly get dizzy.  This is the only trail that has ever done this to me.

It could be because we are hanging off the side of the mountain....but that's not new.

First falls sighting, although you can constantly hear them, even when you can't see them.


So this is a good example of a section of trail where you can't be screwing around, or running.  If you came into that corner too fast, or slipped in the mud, or's a long fall.

Here's another spot where my mom tingles kicked in, made me really nervous as there's a long fall and pretty dicey trail.

Eventually you cross each of the falls as you can see in this pick, the trail just goes right into it and out the other side.

This was a pretty steep slide right down to the falls.

A beautiful, beautiful hike this time of year!! The falls are going pretty good, and the hills are so green.  It is muddy, but if you prefer to stay clean, or dry, you can take your time to work around and through things to do so.  It's funner if you don't, but either way, it's a hike that is well worth the effort!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Falls Trail, Mt Diablo

Hey guys! I'm working on a post for tomorrow.  Currently having some trouble with my editing tool, or I would have gotten the post up today.  For now, here's a glimpse of what's to come!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Empty Nest

You guys, my house is so quiet this morning!!  Today is the first time in 3 weeks I'm home totally alone!  My house has been filled with joyful chaos the past 3 weeks, and now it's totally empty and quiet.  I was really trying hard to think of how I would describe our house when it's full of all of us....and I really think "joyful chaos" is pretty spot on.  It's a little crazy, but happy!!  It's often loud with laughing, joking, randomness. That about sums up our home life. 

Winter break lasted 3 weeks this year for one kid.  2 kids had 2 weeks off.  We had Grandma here (my mom) for about 2.5 weeks.  We did a lot, but also a lot of nothing, too. It was a good mix.  There was shopping, movies, gingerbread houses, a tea party, xbox rock band night, game night with friends, 2 different days in San Fran, a pretty hilarious night of Reverse charades, and another of Pictionary, and did we eat a lot of shortbread.....lots of good times were had over the past few weeks!

Snow up there!

 San Fran's Fairmont Hotel's rooftop garden.

 Mom and me at the end of a packed full Pier 39.

 I made so many batches of shortbread I lost count.

 We packed in about 35 for game night, which was a blast!
Hope you all have had a good few weeks!