Monday, January 9, 2017

Empty Nest

You guys, my house is so quiet this morning!!  Today is the first time in 3 weeks I'm home totally alone!  My house has been filled with joyful chaos the past 3 weeks, and now it's totally empty and quiet.  I was really trying hard to think of how I would describe our house when it's full of all of us....and I really think "joyful chaos" is pretty spot on.  It's a little crazy, but happy!!  It's often loud with laughing, joking, randomness. That about sums up our home life. 

Winter break lasted 3 weeks this year for one kid.  2 kids had 2 weeks off.  We had Grandma here (my mom) for about 2.5 weeks.  We did a lot, but also a lot of nothing, too. It was a good mix.  There was shopping, movies, gingerbread houses, a tea party, xbox rock band night, game night with friends, 2 different days in San Fran, a pretty hilarious night of Reverse charades, and another of Pictionary, and did we eat a lot of shortbread.....lots of good times were had over the past few weeks!

Snow up there!

 San Fran's Fairmont Hotel's rooftop garden.

 Mom and me at the end of a packed full Pier 39.

 I made so many batches of shortbread I lost count.

 We packed in about 35 for game night, which was a blast!
Hope you all have had a good few weeks!

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