Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Break Starts Today!!

 So in parental terms, today is my last day alone for 3 weeks : ) Soph and Myles have 2 weeks off, Emma has 3.  High school finals are no joke, and she can really use that 3 weeks off! Anyway, nothing exciting has been going on, thus the lack of posts lately.  Just normal life stuff. Brian's had 2 business trips. One to Colorado, and one to Arizona....I think. Pretty sure it was Arizona.  School is keeping my kids busy.  One wrapped up her run club with a 5k, and started film club.  The other is busy with finals, fundraising for a HOSA 4 day competition in Sacramento, and starting CERT training at the hospital here in town. At the end, she'll be part of our town's CERT team, ready to help in an emergency, and ready to compete in the CERT comp at the HOSA convention. The other kid is busy being a kid! He's having a really good year, had a really good conference, and a really, really good report card.  It's ice skating season, and he's really enjoying that. He had a night out with a friend and papa, ice skating, and enjoying dinner at The San Fransisco Creamery, which is actually in Walnut Creek.  Then he had another night out skating with some friends.  So, yeah...just living life over here at the Latham house.  Looking forward to a few weeks off from the school routine.  Grandma will be here for almost 3 weeks, so we will have fun!   Ok, I'm off to enjoy my last day alone and get some stuff done, here's a few pictures for you!

 This spoiled dog got a new chewy after his bath and warmed up in front of the fire while he enjoyed it.
 He's the only baby I have left, and he knows it!
 Ice skating....well, warming up after a few laps during ice skating.
 I took advantage of Brian being gone and cleaned out our closet and got him all organized.

 My side...I don't have shoe racks, but do have lots of chafing racks from gatherings where we've had food delivered....and if you flip them upside down, they work well for shoes.
 A friend at school brought Myles a little ewok gift.
 Because you need to match your buddy while you ice skate.
 This kids room is  getting made over, a little at a time.  New lighting, rearranged, and a new mirror.  Soon it'll get paint, new curtains, and a queen bed.
 I'm usually the singer, but we love our rock band nights.  I prefer drums over singing, but I'm just glad to be included in their fun and am happy to sing.
 Some of my finest work-
 This one's from last year.  We plan to take grandma this year to the life size gingerbread house, and then to Ghirardelli for hot coco.
Hope you all enjoy the next few weeks! You probably won't here from me here untill 2017!

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