Sunday, October 9, 2011


Aaahhh, Long Beach!!!
How I love thee!!!
I forget how much I love it until I'm in it.
Not just the race stuff.
This place is stunningly beautiful. It is the "CA" that this WA girl grew up picturing.
So much beach.
So many palm trees.
Such an amazing sunrise this morning. It started off stunning and just kept getting more intensely amazing.
And unlike many Socal places, it is 'Disneyland clean'.

The whole town was very generous this weekend. They went all out to make each and every one of the 25,000 runners feel special.

We relaxed after our 5k's and half marathon today w/free lunch from Bubba Gumps, and a free boat tour of the harbor.

Just a great weekend, in a great city.
Tomorrow we will be using our complimentary tickets to the Long Beach Aquarium before heading home.
Recap later.....(much fun was had, and someone ran a 1:55 half)

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  1. Wow! 1:55! Drew may be safe, but that is an amazing time! (Assuming that's not Bubba's 5K time.)