Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Friday, Blue Skies, Red Leaves

Black Friday rolled around this year and none of us needed anything. Seriously. Usually something needs replaced come Black Friday, like a vacuum, or coffee pot, or DVD player, and we'll go ahead and do the whole 3 a.m. on Black Friday shopping thing.  It is kinda fun, and the kids always enjoy it.  This year, honestly, we had such a chill Thanksgiving Break, I don't think any of us really wanted to do the early get up, frantic shopping thing, especially since we didn't have anything specific to go after.  Instead, we slept in, and later in the day, we took in some of the local sites -

 Above, while I did use the 'structure' edit to bring out the details, I did not use any lighting filters, for some reason that's how my camera took it. If you wonder why the bench is facing a hill, it's actually overlooking what can be a beautiful little pond, once we have enough rain. It's empty now. And below....I mean what can I say really?? It's so beautiful. Remember this isn't some landscaped park that is landscaped and maintained by the city or state. This is just the side of a mountain, out in nature.

 Above picture is looking down the back of the ridge, towards Concord and the Delta. Bottom picture is looking down the front side of the ridge, toward Walnut Creek.

 Above picture is the summit of Diablo. Below is the summit, and then down to the left of it, you can see North Peak peeking over from behind.

This is the water in the trough that that poor dog was drinking. We were looking for mosquito fish, which are normally in there to eat the mosquito larva....but we didn't see any larva or fish.

Whatever y'all did on Black Friday, hopefully you thoroughly enjoyed it!!

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