Monday, November 30, 2015

Bowling and Iceskating

Pretty self explanatory, so here are some pictures -

 So, it was packed...and i don't really like people, so i opted to watch while they bowled..and my left pinky is asleep and wont hit shift for me to capitalize those i's.....
 That ended up being a strike.
 She was the one who really wanted to go bowling, but she was having an off game, so she wasn't super stoked.
 Myles getting a strike.
 Sophie does not like to ice skate, but the other two kids do. We planned this outing for a day Sophie had plans with a friend.

 We are not the cool parents who skate with their kids anymore. I'm always terrified once i get on the ice, it's not fun for me at all. Brian fell ice skating last year and herniated a disk in his upper back/lower neck and has struggled with it all year. #wearegettinolder
 Once he's warmed up, he likes to spend his time in the middle working on his figure 8's, going backwards, and small jumps.  He takes it all very seriously, but man does he enjoy himself!

So while Sophie was with her friends, they baked cookies and delivered them to our older and or single friends, just to put some smiles on their faces. One of the cookies was an almond shortbread with almond glaze. i quickly requested the recipe and made a batch. They are so, so good!

Sorry about the random last two fingers on my left hand are totally numb for the past 20ish minutes....happens sometimes.

I'll have a black Friday post up soon that may surprise you!

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