Monday, November 16, 2015

Color Run, San Fran, 2015 - Part 2 we go!! Into color shoot number one, blue. The color is in squirt bottles and they squirt you with the powder as you go by. The water on the road has nothing to do with the race, it was from a storm that came through the morning of the run and let up right before the run.
 We got a good look at the yellow station we would hit after we turned around and ran back to it.

 I'm about to get yellowed!
 This happy wall was brought to you by post it....I did not stop to write what makes me happy.
 There was quite a cloud of color at each station, this blue cloud was blowing over to some buildings and a parking lot of

 Pink was quite intense....I had glasses on so I could keep my eyes open...I could not see Sophie in the cloud at all as we went through.

 After pink we got a surprise. We made a left turn back into the stadium!! The web site said we got to run around the bottom of the said nothing about going into the stadium again, running the ramps up to the top layer, and running all the way around the stadium!! It was so, so cool!! I'm the only one in our family that had never been inside the stadium, and I gotta say it's really, really nice!

 We were on all the little tv monitors!
 There were still waves starting, so there were still runners down running around the field.
 This is upper level, on the bay side. There were employees along the hall ways happy to give out high fives.

 Above, as soon as you exited down the ramps by the main entrance to the ball park, there was an orange station! Orange and black are Giants colors for my WA people who don't know : )
 And then we can see there are still hundreds of people waiting to start their run.

 The last station was this really small, fine, silvery glitter powder.
 Packets included headbands, shirts, glitter, and a medal at the finish.
 Then it was time to dance, get free stuff they threw into the crowd, and enjoy the clouds of color from the color throws.

 The dude got his monies worth!! A few tears (look close) just due to the crowd and yelling/screaming, but as soon as we got out of the crowd he was stoked again and happy!

 You better believe I made everyone change clothes and bag everything up before getting near my truck!!
leftover from the mornings storm.

This was after the turn around point. It is such a pretty course, even with out the color I'd do this course again!

Emma ran alone, thus the lack of pictures. Myles ran with Brian, so Brian has most those pictures. Sophie and I stuck together.

As for the actual Color Run as a run...we registered very early, at the team price, so it was pretty cheap as far as runs go.  We had the issue with conformation emails, totally my computers fault, but they were very helpful and quick to return emails. It ended up being a non issue. The race offers great swag. There was one aid station, although it's really not needed.  It is a great, fun run. The only negative-ish thing I'd say is that you better know it's a fun run when you register because the majority of people are walking, it is not timed, and if you show up in competitive mode, your going to look like a jerk, and your going to be super frustrated. (Shockingly, we did see a few people taking this race very seriously).


  1. Ha ha ha - I love that there were people trying to get PRs on this course! I really like that you got to go back into the stadium - nice touch (with climbing!). If it had been raining, would they still have had the race? (I assume yes.) Would the color spraying have worked as well? (I doubt it.) So cool that you all got to do this and had fun with it! Now we need to see you at a trail race! El Niño means mud!

    1. Well, the site says it has to be really bad before they cancel it...but it was coming down really, really hard that morning. I don't see how it would have worked in rain. We figured we'd drive over and just see how it turned out, and it turned out to be beautiful. Trail race indeed!! Brian is eyeing the ultra half series this year, so you just may see us a lot more!

    2. I'm so glad the weather worked out - it's probably going to be a common theme of this winter (hopefully anyway, assuming we get as much rain as is being predicted).

      Ha ha ha - that Ultra Race Series is a seductive little thing! I think I've got Diane convinced we don't have to do it again this year, but I know how much she likes those coasters.