Monday, November 16, 2015

Color Run, San Fran, 2015 - Part 1

 You guys may remember back to the last Color Ru we did when Myles was sick and had to sit it out?? Well, we all made it to the start line super stoked and ready to go. It's been.....maybe a year (gasp) since we've done a run??! Not sure how that happened.....but we were all excited to get back at it!

 Actually, this is not Brian's cup of tea, as you can see by his face in above picture.
 We started just across the river by AT&T Park. It poured rain all the way up until about an hour before the start, and then was beautiful!
 We start off along the back of the park, and then hang a left...right onto the warm up track on the field!

 The were filming and had us on the big screen, and all the little tv's around the stadium.
 Due to the rain, it was a mud fest....and these people who were about to be covered in multiple colors of powder did not want to get wet or dirty. Yes, we ran right into that puddle hooting and hollaring, and no, they were not amused : )

 Then we ran along the water down the bridge where we turned around and headed back...getting colored all along the way. This is a beautiful course, it's also the end of the San Fran marathon course, so that was kinda fun to run again.

Above, you can see the Blue station up ahead. Next post I'll get into the color part of the Color Run.


  1. I didn't realize this went into the park - nice! (And I'm with Brian in that I would be a very reluctant participant.) Nice job with the mud!

  2. I would love to walk... trot this with you. It looks like a total blast.