Friday, November 13, 2015

Guess What?

It was with much heartache that I had to finally let my old laptop go.
Still sad about it.

But....I have a new friend!
I'm not really knowledgeable about these sort of things, but I did know memory is a big, big deal for me considering the amount of photo storage I need.
My new blogging partner has 8 something or anothers, and 1 terabyte of something else.....the hubby assures me that's enough storage.
We are still getting acquainted, learning how each other work, what we like, don't far I know I really, really, really don't like Windows 10 email. Wont be using it, since it's nearly impossible to get to work, and even working, it's a joke.

I still need to figure out how to get my pictures out of the old laptop and into this one.  I'm not too panicked yet as I have most stored on Picasa and Dropshots, however I like them to be in files on my laptop, too. It's just easier to use them quickly when I need to.
Our computer friend/nerd/guy says we can hook them up with a cable and we'll see how that goes.

So, hopefully after a period of getting to know each other.....I'll be back to posting more often!! Right now I'm still figuring this new friend out....I wanted to post yesterday...but there was some cookie issue with me logging into the blog....gotta work out all those weird kinks that come along with a new laptop.

I'm super grateful to have a new laptop!! I knew the day was coming, but thought I'd have to wait a lot longer, so thank you to the person that made that happen quicker!

In other news.....we have a race this weekend that Myles has been waiting years to do. He was sick last time and although he went and tried, he puked at the start line and slept on a bench with me while the rest of the family ran.  It's the Color Run in San Fran. You even get to run inside AT&T park around the warm-up track on the field.....but there's two confirmation emails are still stuck in the old laptop, which they are adamant that you need(we've been exchanging emails)...and it's supposed to rain Sunday morning. I'm really, really hoping he's not let down again!!


  1. my suggestion (non expert) to get pics off of one an onto another is just to get a 8-16 gig usb stick (flash drive) you can get a 16 gig for around $15ish. Plug it in the old comp., drag and drop onto usb stick, then plug it into the new one and drag them off.

    1. That's totally an easy way to do it, if I had a screen to see what I was dragging and dropping. The screen doesn't turn on, it's just black, even though the computer boots no dragging, dropping, no opening files...just a dead, black screen : (