Monday, November 2, 2015

Disneyland, 18th Anniversary Trip, Part 1

 First time he's been tall enough to drive!!

 I found a cowboy!
 See the not so hidden Mickey? Fact - these are Mule shoes from the opening years of Disneyland. Walt had used Mules when building the park, as well as had a Mule ride, like an actual trail ride with Mules, in the parks early years. These are the shoes from those mules.  I challenge you to find this pile in the park : )

 He was truly a gently giant.
 Blurry Splash Mountain.
 This was our first trip since Myles was 5. I was nervous as to how he would do since his life has changed drastically since he was there before. There was one full on anxiety attack that was a little traumatic for all of us and those around us in line (Indiana Jones Line, which we got him out of as quickly as possible), and he would tense up on nearly every ride as we would get closer and closer in the line, but he did really, really well.  What you see above is how he looked nearly the whole time....happy, with a side of nerves. He does enjoy it, even with the anxiety this sort of setting can bring on. 
 For some reason I was amused that Disney has their own Starbucks cups.
 First ride was Star Tours, only because there was no line. 
 With the remodeling of a lot of the shops on main street, it's becoming difficult to find these old phones anymore. But we did find one, with the same people talking that were talking when I was a kid.
 Emma catching bubbles from Myles bubble blower, which comes in handy when you now have to claim your parade spot 2 HOURS in advance. What the heck, people. We used to be the first to plop down our blanket on the curb an hour early.  
 Emma's thrilled, no?? This was waiting in CA Adventure for the Pixar Parade, which I had forgotten sprays you with a ton of water.  They are eating cones of food from the Cars Land Cozy Cones, which are so cute! We had mac n cheese, and verde chicken in a cone.
 Now she's happy...
 When we need a break from people and all the commotion, we head into the animation studios for a drawing class.

 I love the green army men, and am always happy to see that they are still around after all these years.
Part two, coming up.....

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