Monday, November 2, 2015

Randoms -

 This is from this morning, can't get more current than's pouring rain!! Woot! The kids helped get ready for rain yesterday, raking and bagging leaves, bringing in candles, lanterns, wooden chairs, paper lanterns, cleaning out the tent and bringing all the bedding in just in case it leaks...just in case the forecast was right. 9 times out of 10 we get a forecast for rain, and it never rains, but today it's coming down good!
 It's not supposed to rain again for while, so we are enjoying today, but then it's all going back outside until it rains again.
 I know it propably seems crazy to our WA family that we get so excited and take pictures from every door and window of the rain....but it's been so long! The sound and smell is so nice!!
 The kids are still sleeping out there on weekends : )
 This dude had a neurology appointment on Friday, and we snuck off to the Disney Store after that.
 My new favorite thing in my house that I made! I love these dudes!!

 How they started. Our Hobby Lobby sells bundles of reclaimed barn wood, and these reclaimed barn wood cool.
 Alcatraz with Sophie's 6th grade classes (3 classes of kids).
 Looking at San Fran from the boat, that's Coit tower on top of the hill.

 That's the inside of a clean oven....that does not work. Bummer. It's original to the house, built in 59, and is a wall unit. I hate to update it, I love that it looks for now I'm just not baking anything.
 This was not fun.....but it only took 3 days and the little critter is gone.

Just Kona hanging out in his favorite spot. It's good for squirrel hunting.

Ok, that catches you up, picture wise!

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