Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Few Photo's From This Week

 We had a whopper of a rain storm come through, with tons of lightning and thunder, and cold!  Notice my rugs hung over chairs....I thought we were done with rain, so I hung up all the rugs to dry, and then the sky opened up again.  The tent stayed totally dry inside, though. That was Myles $19.99 purchase, meant to be his fort...but the kids all sleep out there on weekends.
 This dog....he's such a love. Has to always be cuddling.  Unless he wants to play, then he'll rip your arm off.

Day after the storm (yesterday), Globe Lilly Trail had a new feature.
  I had to bring in my lights from the fire pit outside when it rained,  so I turned them into fire flies in a jar.

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