Monday, November 2, 2015

Disneyland, 18th Anniversary Trip, Part 2

 So, while we of course had a blast, and were so happy to get back here after a 4 year, it was packed!! Like middle of summer packed. I know it's the 60th anniversary year...but dude.  An hour for the Jungle Cruise?? Over an hour for anything in Fantasyland.  Pirates at one point the line was wrapped all along the waterfront of Rivers of America.  It was crazy, crazy busy.  Above is the upstairs part of Jungle Cruise, which I havent seen open in the past 13 years, our kids had never been up there.

 There are times that Brian and the girls would go ride rides that Myles knows he doesn't want to go on. So, he and I do whatever rides he wants to do. Which included Casey Jr. train, Dumbo, and Alice.
 Ok, so I have to say that Cars Land is my new favorite place to be in CA Adventure. I love it. If you've seen the Cars movies, you will be amazed at how much it looks like the movie. The loading area of Radiator Springs Racers, the main ride in Cars Land, is in the cave area from the movie....the cave that used to be a hotel when Route 66 was still alive and kicking?? That's where you go to get into the cars. It's super cool.
 Hard to read this, but there are 3 buildings you wind through as you are waiting in line, one is adobe with bottles, which is really cool at night because all the bottles are lit up.
 That's like the general store of the area.

 The Cozy Cones are all different food places...affordable food places at that.
 We all loved the Mater ride.
 I wish I could explain how cool the rocks looked, and the depth they somehow manage to create. It's really pretty.
 You can see a bit of the race track here, it's really a fun ride....maybe my favorite after Splash.

 Our second morning we went straight to Cars land to get to the line quick (we had waited over 2 hours in line the night before), only waited 15 minutes, then had a nice, relaxing breakfast at Flo's Diner.
 Sophie bought this shirt in Adventure Land, I love it!
 Emma bought me this key chain, which of course....I love!!
 This is where we camped out for over 2 hours to see the  new light parade (its ok, but not like the original), and the 60th anniversary fireworks with animation projected onto the front of Small World. It was pretty neat.
 Apparently I'm also Dopey's mother since these two were clearly separated at birth.

Newsies street show.

We had a great time. Things have changed a lot since we were there last, but there are still bits and pieces that remind us of our childhood, and new areas that feel so homey and cozy.  We're looking forward to a year of quick weekend get aways to our happy place!

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