Monday, November 2, 2015

Since I Last Posted... if to illustrate the point....I just had a post ready to go and it flashed and was gone.

So here we go again, round two.  Basically it said how much I hate using somebody's computer.  I haven't set up shop on Brian's computer because...well, it's not mine. I feel weird saving stuff, bookmarking stuff, setting stuff up the way it works best for me....although Brian is happy to let me do's not my comp, so I wont.  With that went all motivation to blog.  That said, I do realize that for all my family, this is the only spot you get to keep up with us and see I'll try to get you caught up today....if it doesn't glitch again and erase all this as I'm typing it. Gr.
 Myles is taking a robotics class that he's really enjoying. They build things out of Legos, insert motors, hook them up to the computer, and control them from the computer.  It's pretty neat.
 We had a treat for the Walk O Thon this year...Sam and Jasmin of Brazen Racing came to our school! All the kids had custom Brazen was really nice!
 We took our first of many Disney trips!  We happened to be driving down the same day/time as the mud slides on the Grapevine. If you aren't from CA, or not familiar with the Grapevine, it's a pass, known for its weather. Sometimes extreme heat and lots of over heating cars, sometimes lots of snow, sometimes mud slides.  They are now saying that what happened the day we were driving down was a once in 1000 year event. Crazy. 
 This was the scene on I5 as we were driving south. We started seeing signs that the freeway was closed at the Grapevine, and to find alternative routes...which we did. It was pouring rain, lots of thunder and lightning, and this was right as it was getting dark. We did take an alternative route, was also scary. We could see the water running down out of the hills, and just as I said "it looks like there's water flowing in the field next to us", we found ourselves driving through mud and water that was washing over the road.  It happened so fast and there was really nothing to be done but to keep driving.  We would later find out that many of the alternate routes were soon closed as well, with mudslides and buried cars.  (I'm not going to post links to news stories for this event, I'm too lazy,but feel free to google grapevine mudslide if you want the pics of buried cars, etc.)
 The next day there were reports of a funnel cloud that actually touched down.  It was pretty scary.  Super windy, but very warm, it was near 80 despite looking like it was cold. I've not edited these at all, that pink sky color is legit.
 After 8.5 hours, for a normally 6 hour drive, we made it!
 I'll do a disney post after this, but I'm going to jump to the drive home. They opened the Grapevine the morning of the day we drove home, and we were anxious to see what it looked like.  I had never really seen the after math of a real flash flood, or how it changes the landscape. After having driven through hills a few days before, and seeing the streams running down the hills at night with the lights reflecting off the water and not really being sure we were seeing what we thought we were seeing...I can only imagine how scary it must have been to see happen for all those people who ended up with their cars buried in the mud.
 Below, this is the section where the cars were buried.
 Can you imagine seeing all the water flowing down this??
 The below picture is not on the Grapevine, but cool rays coming down later in the drive home.

This was as we headed up the Grapevine to come was still stormy.

Ok, so that sums up our going/coming home from Disneyland....I'll get busy on a post of our time there next!

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  1. Wow! I had not realized that you were doing The Mouse on THAT weekend - how scary! (And how close that trip likely came to not happening!) It's funny how dull the Grapevine normally is and how it's not normally given a second thought, but wow, when it wants attention, it can get it! I'm so glad it ended up not cancelling your trip!