Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Town and Country

 The Beast and I met up for our weekly run.  We headed out on the Canal Trail to the Iron Horse and headed towards down town Walnut Creek. We took a last minute detour through town just to change things up a bit.  It was still early for WC and there weren't many people out.  The streets were super clean, tons of flower planters full of pretty flowers, and music  flowing from the buildings out into the street.  It was a bit like an early entry morning at Disneyland.

Our usual 5 miles ended up being 6.3.  After chatting for a while afterwards, I had about 30 minutes to kill before I needed to pick up Myles from school.
As much as I enjoyed our morning run past Neiman Marcus and Tiffany's.....I knew just how I wanted to spend that 30 minutes......

I headed for the hills a few blocks away from the school.  I knew I had enough time to head straight up the main hill.

Those cracks were full of lizards, going up it was entertaining, but running down I had to just not look because if I tried to adjust my landing every time I saw one I would have gotten hurt. Sorry little lizards!

 You just keep going up, and up, and up.......and up.  It is pretty steep, like painful and not enjoyable really, but you know your getting a killer workout so you endure the nastiness, and the downhill is going to be dangerously fun!!

Those bumpy hills are Shell Ridge in Walnut Creek.  We mention it here on the blog fairly often as a hike we do with the kids and they see tons of frogs.  There's a few ponds in those hills.

That's Diablo
 I'm at the top now, looking down the back side of the hill
And now I'm back down, at the school, waiting for Myles to get out of class.  This is the hill looking from in front of his class. I did not take the wide fire road, I took that skinny line  straight up.

Two runs in one morning!!  I had a blast with the Beast, and an equal amount of fun running down that hill!!

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