Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog Neglecting is not Cool

I really have tons to post, just not the time to sit and do it!

We've been super busy, September is a busy month around here and this year our September is booked solid with various events and gatherings, anniversaries, school stuff.....everyday there is something going on.

I'm getting some great runs in, feeling good finally! We are on week 2 of Asylum...what a butt kicker that program is.  We had our Circuit Assembly, have attended a huge kids party complete w/ a bounce house, taco truck, and cup cake truck, and a ton of the kids from local congregations, an exciting run at the Walnut Festival 5/10k, had dinner w/friends, have more parties, dinners, anniversaries, and runs yet to come this week.

I will do a proper post on the WF 5/10ks later today....we had 3 prs in our family and a 1st place age division winner!  A little teaser for you, Em ran her 3rd 10k with a huge PR, came in under an hour, and Myles and Soph kept their 5k times in the 30's!!

I'm trying to talk Brian into doing Coastal's Diablo 13.1 this weekend (we did it last year and had a blast), so if you see him, tell him he needs to do it!!


  1. I'm so behind in posting things that it's hard not to despair. But then I remember that it's just a blog post and other things really are more important. Which just REALLY adds to the despair.

    Diane and I will be at Coastal as well, but likely just doing the 10 mile course (Diane has some lunch thing she has to get home for). See you there! (Come on Brian - it's practically in your backyard! And you know you would easily beat last year's time!)