Friday, December 20, 2013

30.8 = Done

I'm done!  A great first week is in the books. I see some areas that I'll be tweaking (not twerking, although I do on occasion just to hear the kids explode in laughter) for next week, but overall, a great first week! My legs got lots of tlc from the family last night, and not with one of those nice, comfy foam rollers.  We use an actual wooden rolling pin in this house.
Sophie took a turn rolling each leg and man, she really puts all her weight into it. Then Emma takes a turn. They think it's really cool to actually feel the lumps and bumps and try to roll them out.  Not that I have any lumps or bumps : )  Then Brian took a turn. Ouch.  Then later I put some muscle rub on my knees, and Brian gave the legs a good rub down.  My legs felt very spoiled by the end of the day. This mornings run with the Beast was actually great, not nearly as bad as I anticipated it being.
And today was the first and only day of the week that I have no sicko's at home!! Everyone made it out of the house. I better enjoy today because as of tomorrow everyone is home for 9 days, and then the kids another week after that. Lots of adventures await us over winter break!
I promise I'll still get yesterdays picture post up today. In a bit.

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