Monday, December 23, 2013

Burnin' Buns

 Yep, this morning's run had them burning!  Was nice to see some improvements on every one of the climbs over last weeks times, though. That's the great thing about training. If you do the work, it pays off...and it's only week 2! I've got tons of room for improvement, I'm such a slow climber! My ultimate goal would be to someday beat NTL up a hill. One can dream : ) It was a treat to have Brian out there with me today!  It'd be nice to beat him up a hill someday, too!
 Yes, it was warm-ish, 45.

This is the Way Too Cool - I'm In club on Strava. After I uploaded this mornings run, I checked my standing....had to take a picture because it wont last for longer than an hour, if that....but that's me! 3rd place behind Chris Vargo!!! The only time in my life our names will be that close on a list having anything to do with running! Made my day!


  1. Ha ha ha - and Vargo's is pretty flat! You rocked him!

    I'm pretty sure you would easily beat me up a hill now - I really need to get to work. We spent the evening putting new music on Diane's iPod and I told her that she was going to have to start doing longer runs now that she has so many songs, and she said she would really like to do Brazen Diablo 50K! So now I've got to get in shape and try to drag her to it - I can't let that skip on by.

    1. Oh man, I knew this would happen! I was dead set against attempt #3 this year. I am pacing Brian out the last half from Old Finley, since I've yet to run that half.
      I knew you'd end up running it this year! Shucks.
      That is awesome that Mrs is going for it, hold her to that! The lack of rain this winter really is setting us all up well for training for something!