Monday, December 9, 2013

The Weekend

First, congrats to 100 Mile Ryan who finished his (5th) 50 miler in 10:24, which was a sizable PR for him at the 50 mile distance.  He looked totally solid at the end and even threw down his last two miles in the high 8 min mile pace.  Brian had fun pacing him at the end. Unfortunately, they finished way sooner than I was expecting, so I was on the way back from the out houses w/Emma and did not get any pictures of the finish. Boo.  But have no fear, I did get some pictures from the day -

 There were a lot of runners coming and going as there was a 50 miler, 50k, marathon, and marathon relay going on.
 Much drier than the mud fest of last year, but it was super cold, like 30ish.

 The Karno Kids (Karnazes, as in Dean) tent had the kids run sign ups, and games, and face painting.

 We did anything to keep moving while we waited a few hours for the boys to finish, and the kids race to happen. Lots of games, dancing, and hot chocolate from the Sports Basement tent.

 Finally, lets get this kids run done so we can get to the warm car!!!
 It was really too cold for there to be many kids hanging around, so this was the whole line up of kids. That's Dean K in the black jacket and shorts.
 He's saying "why do your parents have you out in this cold??" Not really.  He was saying "brrr".

 That's Em in the blue shirt and red hat behind Sponge Bob, she was in the lead until right at the end.
 Remember last time they did this race and got huge medals?  The same medals as the 50 miler finishers?? This year....they were rubber. No joke. That's the face of a Spiderman who froze his giblets off for 2 hours for a rubber medal.
 And then we were done. It think it would take another 24 hours for me to thaw out. Brian on the other hand, had a long run to get in on Sunday. He headed to Redwood Regional Sunday afternoon to run one of Coastal Trail Runs 30k courses, got lost, ran out of day light, and ended up with a tough 12 miler. Still, he a great weekend of runs.

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