Thursday, December 12, 2013

Freezing my Undies Off

Maybe if I'd wear pants I wouldn't have an issue.  And I'm just kidding, my undies stayed put...barely.
Just driving towards the Mt I could see that it was going to be as cold as I knew it would just had that "cold" look. 

 I parked at Mitchell Canyon and headed up to Eagle Peak, then back to the car, for 4 miles and 1394 ft of climbing. Shed some layers (not my undies), drank, ate a granola bar, and headed out for another 3.  The climb up Eagle is pretty rough. Beautiful, but rough.  Anyhow, here's some pics from the climb up, once I topped out and headed down, and on the second run, I didn't take any pictures.

 Below, almost perfectly center, is a pretty, sun-lit Back Creek trail.  I would not have spotted it had the sun not been shining a spot light on it.

 Above, we lost a bit of trail in a slide...but, was still wide enough for two feet!

 Above, I hate climbing on this kind of chunky, loose rock. Below, looking back at the trail I just came's the rock.


 Woo hoo, I made it!! That is a long climb, people.

That marks the elevation, as well as the start of a long stretch of down hill that lead back down to the car for the end or run #1, and the start of run #2.

Tomorrow, I would love to get another 6-8, but it'll have to be flatish, me legs are tired!

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