Friday, December 20, 2013

Picture Post From This Weeks Runs

 This was the start of Run #1 yesterday, it sure looked more like Fall than winter.

 Briones to Diablo trail playing peek-a-boo through the trees.
 I could almost hear the hills laughing at me saying they had no flats for me today, just hill after hill.
 Why, yes, hill. I would love to run up your crack on this fine morning. What nice, tan buns you have.
 Heading up Buckeye Ravine, before it gets steep.
 About half way up and my legs are shot. I was drinking FRS in my water and it kicked in...after I dragged myself to the top.
 Don't see this everyday, I was excited for the water tower, it's not everyday you get a new ladder!
 I thought this would be my last climb of the day, but when I got to the top, I realized I needed to kill more time and had to climb another one.
 This is before I realized I was not done yet, I definitely felt done.

 Seriously?? They don't need our help, they are constantly jumping out of bushes and scaring me. They are doing just fine w/o our help.  I did like that sign though, it had a vintage look to it. I may check every now and then and see if it's fallen off. If it's on the ground it's fair game.
 This gate and I do not get along. It hangs open, so I ran up to it and pushed it the direction it was open and raised my knee to keep running....and bounced off the gate. I needed to pull, not push.  That screw went after my knee.
 See the red dot with the bruise around it? That happened on Monday.  Paybacks, gate.  Watch yourself.
 Considering I was hobbling pretty good after yesterdays adventure, I was not sure how today would go, but I put on my big girl undies and my game face and got after it. I picked that shirt for a reason, puts some extra pep in my step.
 I beat The Beast to Borges Ranch, and did some walking/running to see how bad it was going to hurt to run with her, but everything felt good, and even better when we finished 5 miles.  Check out the reflection in the horse trough. So pretty.
 The Beast arrived with a gift for me! She's the best!
 This is this afternoon, just so you know I do have non-running clothes.  I may look cleaned up, but I still smell like a horse, haven't showered yet.  And by yet, I mean as I'm typing this at 4:35. I'm nice and ripe.
 Sophie making cookies. Has nothing to do with my running week, other than I earned a cookie.

Alright, people.  That's all I got for you. I should probably go take a shower, but I think I'm going to have a cup of coffee instead. Cuz, once again, I'm a Bad Bass.  And we all know how those smell.
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Great pictures! And a great running week - I'm so jealous. (And the shower will always be there. Eat two cookies.)