Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yeah, I know, cry me a river, right? I mean we live in CA, how cold could it be?? Well, it was 26 at the summit of Diablo when I started my run, and 26, 2:16 later when I finished! That's cold.  And, as you know, I always, always, always run in a skirt. No matter how cold. I did wear my compression sleeves w/knee highs over top, but man, that knee to upper thigh region was iced over : )
Check out the Strava feed for todays run, it was pretty brutal. It was really 3 miles of running and 3 miles of crawling back up the mountain trying to keep everything from going numb. It was a super steep crawl, though.
There was even big ice puddle at the junction of North Peak/Summit/Bald Ridge. That's rare in these parts.
Pictures later, after I thaw a bit.

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